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I’d like to start off by telling you a story off precious title boy. Conceived by parents whoso lives revolved around raves, alcohol, and drugs, He was unwanted from the start but the mother was convinced not to get an abortion. She carried him for months but continued her habits. He was born addicted 3 different drugs. He was passed around from family member to family member for the first 6 months of Leaf family, with no relation to him, who already had 5 girls, who longed for a baby boy, had been watching from afar and had fallen in love with him.

After 9 months, countless hours of paperwork, home studies, ewers, crazy family members, and lots of tears this little boy was given a forever home. L’s blood really thicker than water? For most it’s hard to understand. How Is It possible to love someone else’s child? That’s the question that continues to baffle everyone. Adoption is a very complex process but is full of benefits. Not only to the adopted but to the adoptive parent’s as well. IV. In these next few minutes, I would like to show you what adoption really is, what the adoption process

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looks like, and some of the significant benefits of adoption.

Transition: First off, let’s look at what adoption Is] Body I. What exactly is adoption? 1 . As defined in an Adoption publication by the Department of Social & Health Service, “Adoption Is the permanent, legal transfer of all parental rights from one person/couple to another person/couple. ” (DISH, peg. 1) 2. Easy, right? A) You pick a kid, raise it, and life goes on b) Again, continuing the list 3. You can have as many sub-sub-points as you see fit, really. There’s no 100% formula for creating an outline. It all is customized to suit your needs. B. This is the second sub-point.

Again, have a sentence adjusting the listener to this concept. Repeat all of the formatting from IA. C. Maybe you have three sub-points. That’s okay – even If you only have two In the second mall point. In an Ideal world, you will have two sub-points for each main point. But not an absolute necessity. [Transition: Now that we know what adoption is, lets understand what the adoption process looks like] II. This sentence should introduce the sub-points for the second main point. A. Just a tip: Microsoft Word will default to different ways of constructing this outline. 1.

That’s absolutely okay, as long as you’re consistent in your approach. 2. However, It Is imperative that you follow the guidelines of including the goals, labels for parts of the 1 OFF especially critical as they represent the main points. B. If you want to keep this format, you need to play around with your auto-correct feature. 1 . For Windows 2007 users, the auto-correct for outlines is located on the “Home” section. A) The menu is right next to where you would use bullet points. I. It is listed as “Numbering. ” b) When it defaults to something you don’t like, click on the “Numbering” option. From there, you can change it to whatever you think is appropriate. 2. Did you notice how I made sentences much more specific in this section? A) Everything should be similar to this with one sentence representing each idea, and the outline providing the path for ideas to stem off of each other. [Transition: Keeping in mind the Adoption Process, no matter how many financial benefits one gets from adoption, there is no wait too great nor price too much to how many blessings and benefits are shared in adoption] l. Now on to the benefits of being an adoptive parent.

Like I dated previously adopting a child is not only beneficial to the adopted but to the adoptive parents as well. 1 . Adoption gives the couple a chance to become parents. To have the family they’ve always dreamed of. 2. You need to write out the research as you would say it, and then at the end use proper PAP or ML source citation to reference the material. 3. Here’s an example of what this will look like. A) Andre Mcleod, a government watchdog in Alaska, wrote in a press release on June 24, 2010 that “Sarah Paling continues to disappoint. Today’s findings make it obvious that she’s out for herself” (Dunn, 2010).

B. A child is provided a home with stable income C. A Conclusion l. Today, we’ve looked at adoption, what it is, what the process is to adopt a child, and a few of the many benefits of adoption. II. Remember the story at the beginning? About the little boy? Well that little boy is now my brother. From the moment my family was introduced to him we immediately loved him. I know it sounds crazy but he’s the brother I thought I’d never have and the little boy that my parents had been dreaming of. He’s healthy, happy, a little spoiled but most of all, he’s my little brother. Ill.

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