Addiction Genetics

Question Answer
Smoking cessation and interaction with pharmacotherapy to stop smoking addiction CHRNA5
decreased cocaine abuse CHRNA5
Alcohol flushing GABRA6
Amygdala activation, linked to psych issues in alcohol SLC6A4
Increased risk of upper GI cancer in alcohol ADH1B or ALDH2
Smoking relapse CYP2A6
Increased susceptibility to cocaine addiction CAMK4
Cocaine induced paranoia VNTR
Cocaine addiction and changes in circadian rhythm PER1
Non responsive patients who receive maintenance therapy for opioids ALDH5A1
Efficacy of treatment long term with methadone OPRD1
Respiratory depression with codeine CYP2D6
Withdrawal reaction and craving behaviors with THC FAAH
Alcohol impulsivity and external behavior problems GABRA2
Greater decrease in alcohol with naltrexone OPRM1
Differences in prefrontal cortex that results in a myriad of different behaviors displayed in alcohol using patient AUTS2

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