Acids and Bases Flashcard

A substance that produces hydroxide (OH-) ions.
A substance that produces hydrogen ions (H+).
An organic compound that changes color when it comes in contact with an acid or base.
A solution that can conduct electricty. The strong the acid/base the better electrolyte it is.
The ability to react with and eat away at flesh or a metal.
7.0 on the pH scale
Strong Acid
0 to 2.9 on the pH scale
Weak Acid
3 to 6.9 on the pH scale
Weak Base
7.1 to 10.9 on the pH scale
Strong Base
11 to 14 on the pH scale
Based on how well the acid or base produces ions.

Strong acid/bases make ions very well.
Weak acid/bases make ions poorly.

Refers to how much of an acid or base we have within a solution.

The pH scale tests it.

Remember, we can have a low concentration of a strong acid or base.

Acid Rain
Any type of rain with a pH less than 5.6.
What are the two types of acid that form acid rain?
Sulfuric Acid and Nitric Acid
Acid + Base = _________ + _________
_________ + _________ = Water + Salt

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