What Is Acids? Flashcard

Conduct electricity (are electrolytes)
Turns the blue litmus paper red
Phenolphthalein is colorless.
When combined with a base neutralizes and produces water and a salt.
Any substance that when put into water dissolves forming a solution that conducts electricity.
Conduct electricity (are electrolytes)
Turns red litmus paper blue
Phenolphthalein turns pink
Bases react with ascid to neutralize and produce water and a salt.
Neutralization Reaction
A chemical reaction in which an acid and a base interact with eachother and produce a salt and water. Occurs when the same number of H+ ions as OH- ions.
Arrhenius Theory
An Arrhenius acid realeases or gives positive H ions.
An Arrhenius base releases or gives off negative OH ions.
Titration is used to find the molarity of an acid or base. MaVa = MbVb
Indicates the strength of the acid or base.
pH < 7 is acidic.
pH > 7 is basic.
pH = 7 is neutral.

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