Scope of Practice
Defines the range of responsibility that shouldn’t be exceeded beyond the limits and skills of your designated profession.
Standard of Care
Using care and good judgment with respect to a participant’s age and condition. Meeting the professional standards established by the industry.
Vicarious Liability
Stipulates that employers are responsible for their workplace environment including the conduct of employees.
20 hours in 2 years
An ACE certified personal trainer must complete how many continuing education hours in what period of time to keep their certification active?
Have a coworker call 911 while you stay with her.
When on the treadmill, your client becomes dizzy and passes out. She hits her head on the ground. She is unconscious and non-responsive. What is an appropriate action to take?
Your opinion of what happened
What should NOT be included in an emergency response report?
Immediately after the incident has been controlled.
When should an emergency response report be filled out?
The facility general manager
After a client falls and EMS is called, with whom can you share the incident report with?
In a locked filing cabinet at the gym
What is a proper place to store an incident report?
Airway, breathing and circulation
Upon approaching a client who is unconscious and non-responsive, what should you check and in which order?
Ask her if she is ok
You notice that a member of the gym has fallen to the ground. What is the first thing you should do?
Medical history
What questions should you ask a victim of a fall who is conscious?
A client is having difficulty breathing and you are unsure of what to do
In which situation should you call 911?
Your client is vomiting and ends her session early
In which situation is it not necessary to call 911?
To help the body maintain perfusion.
What is the purpose of CPR?
A member who is unconscious, not breathing and doesn’t have a palpable pulse.
On whom should you use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED.?
Discontinue the exercise and have Howard sit down, give him something sugary to drink and monitor him.
Howard is a diabetic client whom you have been training for 3 months. While exercising he begins to show signs of hypoglycemia. What is the best course of action?
Have her lie down in a cool area with her feet elevated and give her fluids.
Your client has been running sprints outside on a hot summer day. She begins to become dizzy and pale with cool, clammy skin. What steps should you take to prevent heat stroke?
Discontinue exercise, begin actively cooling her and call 911.
Your client is exercising outside on a hot day and becomes confused. She has hot, bright red skin and is having difficulty breathing. She is scared and dizzy. What is the best course of action to take?
Help her to a chair, offer an ice pack and allow her to call someone to transport her to the hospital.
Your client trips over a piece of exercise equipment and falls, twisting her ankle. She cannot get up on her own and it is painful to stand on. What is the best course of action?
Items for sale such as videos
In which situation is it not okay to utilize and display the ACE logo?
Grade I
Kelly has been diagnosed with a ligament sprain in her knee. She has minimal impairment and tenderness and has been advised to bear weight as tolerated. What severity level is Kelly’s ligament sprain?
Once a day
At the least, how frequently should the training environment be examined for potential hazards?
Notify management and avoid the area
What should the trainer do if an unsafe facility condition is noticed?
Disable or remove the equipment
What is the best course of action if you come across a piece of exercise equipment that is broken or malfunctioning?
Have her lie down with her feet elevated
What is the best course of action if you notice a client going into shock?
Amnesia, headache, drowsiness and nausea are signs and symptoms of which condition?
Stand with a steady base above the client’s head with your hands following under the bar in case they need assistance.
What position should you take when spotting a client during a bench press exercise?
Which acronym represents a credible organization or agency which can be used as a valuable resource for the ACE personal trainer?
He should exercise in the morning after a meal.
Your client has hypoglycemia. When is the best time to schedule his exercise?
To help clients understand the risks associated with exercise
What is the primary purpose of an informed consent?

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