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Early 2011. Yung Limited acquired 75 % involvement in Chum Limited. This is the first clip of Yung Limited fixing the amalgamate statement. A few issues sing to the first amalgamate fiscal statement have been raised up. This study is used to work out the raised issues and explicate general rule of consolidation accounting.

Before the acquisition. Yung and Chum was a rival to each other. Their fiscal statement merely reflects their ain fiscal place. Therefore. the balance and dealing would province in the fiscal statement. The ground is that they are viewed as two entities from different facet.

However. after the acquisition. Yung and Chum became a individual combined entity as Yung held 75 % involvement in Chum. It means Yung can direct concern determination of Chum harmonizing to its penchant. This position would be reflected in the amalgamate fiscal statements. Since the amalgamate fiscal statements position Yung and Chum as a individual combined entity. the balance due to each other would be eliminated as a consequence. As Yung and Chum are the individual entity. the sum due to Yung is set off by the sum due from Chum. One entity can non take money to itself in order to make a liability or plus.

As Yung and Chum are a individual entity. minutess with each other are merely a transportation of assets or liabilities. or a resettlement of assets. this would non recognize as a dealing in the amalgamate fiscal statements. Generally. net income border is added to those minutess. These net income borders would raise book value of assets in the minutess. The common illustration is inventory and non-current assets. Those net income borders can merely be realised in the gross revenues or disposal to external parties. Therefore. the amalgamate fiscal statements would extinguish those unfulfilled net income besides.

Harmonizing to the above statement. Yung gets the power of control in the Chum. It means every dealing can be related to Yung and its determination. The relationship between Yung and Chum would be a parent-subsidiary. and non merely similar to other associate as investor-investee. Therefore. it is required to demo amalgamate fiscal statement of Yung and Chum. The differentiation between consolidation and equity footing of accounting is power of control. By and large. if an entity holds more than 50 % involvement of another entity. the entity is required to consolidate the controlled entity.

However. if an entity holds about 20 % to 50 % involvement of another entity. the entity is required to rehearsing the equity footing of accounting. Comparing with the two methods. consolidation footing of accounting would reflect a smaller net income if there are a big sum of inter-company minutess. Equity footing of accounting merely show the portion of net income in associate as an excess point in the income statement of investor ( parent in consolidation ) . Therefore. it would be a greater net income unless there is a net loss in the associate. In decision. different methods change the net income.

The fiscal statements for equity footing of accounting are merely included the investing in associates as non-current assets. and recorded as cost plus just value accommodations in the net portions of equity. The amalgamate fiscal statements are the combination of the parent and subordinates. and good will. excepting inter-company balance and cost of control. Thus. Yung’s fiscal statements would be greater value in statement of fiscal place if all investings were amalgamate. but smaller value in income statement as there are big amount inter-company minutess between Yung and Chum. Equity footing of accounting could supply a greater plus value to Yung. but a smaller net income to Yung besides.

Dear Mr. Li.
Memo sing the gross cut-off job of Yung Limited

Harmonizing to the recent conference with John Au. President of Yung Limited. he reported that the gross revenues of Yung Limited in 2010 falsely included gross revenues in 2011. However. we did non detect this stuff mistake by our audit work. This material mistake overstated the net income of Yung in 2010 by 10 % . but understated the net income of Yung in 2011 by the same rate. John Au besides mentioned that he prefers to disregard this mistake because he can acquire profit from this mistake as the unostentatious net income.

Ignoring gross cut-off job leads to struggles in ethical and professional. This conflicts with cardinal ethical rules. such as unity. objectiveness and professional behaviour. In the unity facet. we should non unwrap any untrue fiscal statements. In the objectiveness facet. our professional judgements should non be influenced by repute of our audit house and any possible legal Sue. In the professional behaviour. we should follow with relevant Torahs and ordinances associating to this gross cut-off job.

The followers are some of my recommendation on this gross cut-off job. The first recommendation would be describing to the board of managers straight. This material mistake should be describe the board of managers of Yung Limited. This study could give directors’ opportunity to make up one’s mind the intervention of this material mistake. They could gauge consequence of this material mistake. The 2nd recommendation would be following John Au’s suggestion. disregarding this stuff mistake.

This could be a manner to suit our client. The 3rd recommendation would be necessitating John Au to rectify this material mistake. This could reflect the true fiscal place of Yung Limited. The 4th recommendation would be convening an extra-ordinary general meeting with all stockholders of Yung Limited. This EGM could give stockholders chance to aware this stuff mistake. and understand the potency.

Finally. I would urge inquiring John Au to rectify this material mistake. Although this rectification would do him loss of a fillip. this is a just intervention to all stakeholders at all. Besides. this solution could reflect the professional place of our company.

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