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We are also aware of the environment issues like lobar warming Impact of environmental pollution In India green marketing concept developed In modern marketing. In this paper describes the current scenario of Indian marketing and possibilities of growing green marketing In India Keywords: Green marketing, green consumer, Need for Green Marketing ,Growth of Green Marketing, Challenges in green marketing, Sustainable Development Green marketing is the marketing of product s that are presumed to be environmentally safe.

Hence green marketing incorporate a board range of activities like product modification, changes to the product process, packaging changes. Green marketing hence refers to the holistic marketing concept wherein the production , marketing consumption and disposal of product and services happen in a manner that is less detrimental to the environment with growing awareness about the implications of global warming , non bio -degradable solid waste , harmful impact pollutants etc. OTOH marketer and consumers are becoming increasingly sensitive to the need for switch to green product and services. Companies all over the world are striving to reduce the Impact of products and services on the climate and other environmental parameters. Marketers have taken the cue are going green. According to the American marketing Association, green marketing is the marketing of product that are presumed to be environmentally safe.

Thus green marketing incorporates a broad range of activities, including market modification, changes to the production process, packaging changes, as well as modifying advertising. Michael J. Polygons defines green marketing as : ” All activities designed to generate and facilitate any exchange Intended to satisfy human needs or wants such that satisfying of these needs and wants occur with minimal detrimental Input on the national environment. Other similar terms used are environmental marketing and ecological marketing.

Thus “green marketing refers to holistic marketing concept happen in a manner that is less detrimental to the environment with growing awareness about the implications of global warming non – biodegradable solid waste, harmful impact of pollutants etc. , both marketers and consumer are becoming increasingly sensitive to the need for switch in to green product and services. Green Consumer The green consumer is generally defined as one who adopts environmentally friendly behaviors and/or who purchases green products over the standard alternatives.

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Green consumers are more internally-controlled as they believe that an individual consumer can be effective in environmental protection. Thus, they feel that the Job of environmental protection should not be left to the government, business, environmentalists and scientists only; they as consumers can also play a part. They are also less dogmatic and more open-minded or tolerant toward new products and ideas. Green Product and Characteristics The products those are manufactured through green technology and that caused no environmental hazards are called green products.

Promotion of green technology ND green product is necessary for conservation of natural resources and sustainable development. We can define green products by following measures: Product those are originally grown, Product those are recycled, reusable and biodegradable Product with natural ingredients, Products containing recycled contents, non -toxic chemical, Products contents under approved chemical, Products that do not harm or pollute the environment, Products that will not be tested on animals, Products that have CEO – friendly packaging I. E. Reusable, refillable containers etc. Need for Green Marketing

The question of why green marketing has increased in importance is quite simple and relies on the basis definition of economic. The mankind has limited resources on the earth, while she/he must attempt to provide for the world unlimited wants. In society where there is “freedom of choice,” it has generally been accepted that individuals and organizations have the right to attempt to have their wants satisfaction. As firm face limited resources, they must develop new or alternative ways of satisfaction of consumer needs and wants both of individuals and industry, as well as achieving the selling organization objectives.

Growth of Green Marketing Green marketing was given prominence in the last sass and sass after the proceedings of the first workshop on ecological marketing held in Austin teas (US) minion. Several books on green marketing began to be published thereafter. According to Joel makeover (a writer speaker and strategist on clean technology and green marketing ),green marketing faces a lot of challenges because of lack of standards and public consensus to what constitutes ‘Green’ The green marketing has evolved over a period of time . According to apatite (2001) the evolution of green racketing has three phases.

First phase was termed as ‘Ecological’ green marketing and during this period all marketing activities were to help environment problems ‘Environmental’ green marketing and the focus shifted on clean technology that involved designing of innovative new products which took care of pollution and waste issues third phase was ‘Sustainable’ green marketing . It came into prominence in the late sass and early 2000. Green marketing can make a difference by building total consumer demand for renewable and ultimately increasing the supply of renewable in the marketplace.

This argues against creating artificial distinction among renewable resources (see next principle) However there are some situations which it would be inappropriate to market certain renewable resources. This situation may include those in which: (a) consumer purchases would clearly not make a difference in the total demand or supply picture (b) consumers would be treated unfairly and (c)an unfair advantage for existing providers (I. E . Utilities) would be created in competitive markets All three could occur at once.

Opportunities All the types consumers, both individuals and industries are becoming more unconcerned and aware about the natural environment. In a 1992 study of 16 countries, more than 50% of consumer in each country, other than Singapore, indicated they were concerned about the environment. A 1994 study in Australia found that 84. 6% of the sample believed all individuals had a responsibility to care for the environment. A further 80% of this sample indicated that they had modified their behavior, including their purchasing behavior, due to environmental reason.

As demands change, many firms see these changes as an opportunity to be exploited. Challenges in green marketing Need for standardization It is found that only 5% of the marketing messages from green campaigns ate entirely true and there is a lack if standardization to authenticate these claims. There is no standardization to these claims. There is no standardization currently in place to certify a product as organic. Unless some regulatory bodies are involved in providing the certification there will not be any verifiable means.

A standard quality control board needs to be in place for such labeling and licensing. New concept India literate and urban consumer is getting more aware the merit of green product. But it is still a new concept for the masses. He consumer needs to be educated and made aware of the environmental threats. The new green movements need to reach the masses and that will take a lot of tie and effort. By Indian’s arrived heritage, Indian consumer do appreciate the important of using natural herbal beauty products. Indian consumer is exposed to healthy Inning lifestyles such as yoga and natural food consumption.

In those aspects the consumer is already aware and will be inclined to accept the green products. Patience And Perseverance The investor and corporate need to view the environment as a major long – term investment opportunity, the marketers need to look at the long – term benefit from this new green movement. It will require a lot of patience and no immediate results. Since it is a new concept and idea, it will have its own acceptance period. Avoiding Green Myopia The first rule of green marketing is focusing on customer benefits I. E. He primary reason why consumer buys certain products in the first place. Do this right, and alternative. It is not going to help if a product is developed which is absolutely green in various aspect but does not pass the customer satisfaction criteria. This will lead o green myopia and also if the green products are priced very high than again it will lose its market acceptability. Economy Development & Green Marketing Sustainable Development Sustainable development is not incompatible and can be mutually supportive with competitiveness.

Business has many “win win” opportunities to create environmental and lord social improvement whilst increasing profit and market share. This can create new sources of employment. CEO -Efficiency Business has reconciled the need for sustainable development with the demand of competitiveness through the concept of CEO – efficiency. This is “business- friendly’ and has led to the identification of many cost-effective pollution prevention schemes and other environmental improvement. To provide business leadership as a catalyst for change towards sustainable development and to promote CEO-efficiency and social responsibility in business ” is the mission of the world business council for sustainable development. The following elements could be summarized into: Reducing the material industry of goods and services. Reducing the energy intensity of goods and services. Reducing toxic dispersion. Enhancing material recyclables. Maximum sustainable use of renewable resources. Extending product durability.

Government Encouragement for Long Term Innovation The economic development and sustainable development of industry and agricultural requires greater innovations buy business, selling of long term target, both for an overall economy and individual sectors is a must for long term innovation. A successful model already exists in European countries is Euro convergence criteria. The subordination of energy and other resources. Price will increase the consumption and associated environmental impacts. Governments are also the largest single buyer in our country.

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