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After I first had sex I thought to my self over and over, was it right, was it a good choice, was it a good choice to have sex with my boyfriend, did I really love him, are condoms really reliable? thats only a few of the millions of questions going through my head. My boyfriend at the time told me I couldnt get pregnant my first time, but evidently he was wrong. He denied being the father and accused me of cheating on him, of course I wouldnt cheat on him, I loved him.  I didnt even want to think of facing my parents. What if they kicked me out, or disowned me? So instead I went to the person I trusted most in the world, my best friend, we went to the clinic together, and talked to a counselor, we got a bunch of pamphlets and information on abortion.  I did need a parent permission, but I went to the court and got permission, I made up a bullshit lie that my parents would either kick me out or kick the crap out of me.

I went to the clinic with my best friend and as

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I waited in the waiting room I thought of whether or not what I was doing was right, and if it was my only option, I concluded and told my self that it was my only option, or so I thought it was.  I had chose to use the suction procedure. They used a suction tube 27 times stronger than the vacuum you have at home. My baby was ripped limb from limb and deposited into a waste bottle on the tube. It was the most painful and emotional thing I have ever had to go through. I had nightmares for what seemed like months, I cried every night and sometimes randomly in a class a school.

I didnt feel relieved or happier or better that I had given up my baby like the abortion clinic workers said I would. I felt empty, and my self esteem went way down. I became depressed, and angry that my best friend let me do such a dreadful thing, I totally regretted my abortion. But it was my mistake, mine and my boyfriends. If only I was more responsible and more educated on the effects of sexual intercourse and of abortions. Now I am at a higher risk than most women to get breast cancer and to be sterile, all because I let my heart make the decision, and not my head.

When I think about it now, my parents would not have been as angry as I thought, they may have been disappointed, and sad for me, but they would not have kicked me out or disowned me. If only I really thought of what might have happened to me now, yea I might have had to get a job, and yea it would have been a big responsibility, but its better than the guilt I have every single day of my life. You all have no idea the pain I go through everyday, and I hope you all never do. There is  one abortion every 21 seconds in America. This is more than necessary.

So please next time you are planning on having sex, protect your self, and think of the consequences you may later  have.  If you are going to have sex, no matter what, make sure its with someone you really love, and trust, and you know they love and trust you. Use your head, not your heart  As I look around the room I see that many people are crying, along with me. This has been another  hopefully successful day.  Who knows, maybe there is a girl  whos mind I just changed, who was planning to have an abortion or maybe a couple who just decided to wait a few more months to have sex.  Any questions anyone?

Abortion is the removal of the uterus before it reaches a stage of viability, usually around the twentieth week. There are 8 different forms of abortion, the suction procedure, dilation and curettage or D&C, dilation and extraction or D&E, and partial birth abortion. There is also saline amniocentesis, protagladin, inter-cardiac injections, and chemical abortions. Suction abortion is when a suction tube is used to suck the babys limbs apart,  one by one, they are then deposited into a bottle attached to the suction tube. This is usually used in the first three months of pregnancy. Dilation and Curettage or D&C used at the end of the third month is when the cervix is dilated, ring forceps are inserted into the womb and the baby is taken out piece by piece. Then a curette or a sharp knife that is in a loop shape, is inserted and scraps away any of the remaining parts of the baby and placenta.  Dilation and Extraction or D&E is used after thirteen weeks, the cervix is dilated and the baby is dismembered with pliers like forceps.

The babys legs are twisted and removed,  the spine is broken and the skull is crushed.  Partial- birth abortions normally take place in the fourth month through out the ninth month of the womans pregnancy. An ultrasound is used to find the babies legs, the baby is then forced ,feet first, to be delivered, except for the head  with forceps.  The doctor then uses scissors to puncture the back of the babies head. A suction tube is then used to remove the babies brain, and the scull collapses very easily, the dead baby is then removed.  Saline amniocentesis is used after sixteen weeks, a concentrated solution of salt is injected in to the amniotic fluid with a amniocentesis needle.

The baby will die of acute salt poisoning after and hour or so of its breathing and swallowing of the solution. The Prostaglandin abortion method is used late in the pregnancy, prostaglandin is injected into the amniotic sac, this causes premature labor and delivery  of a dead baby.  The for of abortion when Inter-cardiac injection is used is when poison is injected into the chest or heart of the fetus with a long needle inserted in the mothers abdomen, the dead baby is then absorbed.  The first for of abortion is chemical abortion, there are many different chemicals that can be used for this. The Pill, RU486, methotrexate, IUDs, Norplant, prostaglandins and Depo Provera  all cause early abortions.

Abortions are legal all throughout America, however some states require one or both parent permission for a minor to have an abortion.  It can be arranged with a judge to have this law ignored if you are in danger of being abused, thrown out of your house, or any other threat to you by your parent or guardian.  Just in New England, only Massachusetts, Maine and Rhode Island require you to have one of your parents permission. Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut do not require any permission, or  notice what so ever (see appendix for all 50 states). Many young women travel to their neighboring states is so they will not have to have a parents permission of notice.

Abortion is only legal for the first six months of pregnancy. After the first six months most states ban them, except in very rare circumstances when the mothers life is in danger.  Most abortion clinics only perform abortions in the first three months. Another reason why  many women and girls  travel to their neighboring states is so they can have an abortion after their third or maybe sixth month depending on how far in the pregnancy clinics are allowed to perform their abortions.  Eighty- eight percent of abortions occur in the first 12 weeks of the womans pregnancy.

The controversy to have a child or not leads many women to question the pros and cons of abortion. In the next couple of paragraphs I am gong to tell you and describe to you the pros and cons of abortion. The immediate positive aspects of abortion can include anything from saving your life if your baby was a threat to you to  relieving your self of the knowledge that the baby is no longer inside you.  It can save you money at the time because you no longer needing prenatal care, and probably only one visit with a doctor after the abortion. It also allows you to avoid the social aspects of the pregnancy, you wont have to worry about being ridiculed, or thought differently because of your it. A few long term positive out comes may be that you will not have to buy diapers, formula, clothing, food, or anything else for you baby, you also wont have to pay for hospital bills. If you had the baby at a young age you can still go out with your friends, and  grow up till you are ready, you may learn that your not ready for sex and its consequences.  It also may allow you to continue school and have a roof over your ahead.

The immediate Cons of the abortion can include you feeling guilty, depression, ashamed, or disgusted in your self.  You may have nightmares, and lower self esteem. You become anorexic or bulimic. You also are more likely to have alcohol and drug problems. Also you may get suicidal urges. You may be in severe pain, and possibly die from excessive bleeding. If you chose the Dilation and Extraction form of abortion you may have parts of the baby left in you and this can cause serious complication and sometimes death. With Inter-cardiac abortions all babies can die if you had a multi-fetal pregnancy.  You have the threat of infection, or possibly  go into shock or a coma. You can have damage to other organs in you body.  Later in you life you will have a much higher risk (140%) of breast cancer.

Studies have shown that when abortion rates rise so do breast cancer rates with those women who have aborted their babies. Many women  have complications in their future pregnancies. You may become sterile, or have miscarriages from then on. Your more likely to have premature babies. You have a higher chance of getting a pelvic inflammatory disease, and having a hysterectomy.  You might later have hallucinations related to the abortion.

Many people experience feelings of craziness. If you are under 20 when you have the abortion you have  two times greater risk for medical complications and have a 150% greater chance for cervical damage   Women who have already had at least two abortions have a 200% increased risk of miscarriages and 160% increased risk of tubal pregnancies.  As you can see there are many pros and cons of abortion.  My thesis states that the controversy to have a child or not leads many women to question the pros and cons of abortion. Im sure if you were ever in the predicament  where you had to choose for an abortion or not you would also question the pros and cons of abortion,

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