abnormal psych ch 2

According to hippocrates, mental disorders were part of which three general catagories?
Melancholia, mania, and phrenitis
Each of the following is one of the “four humors” EXCEPT
Hippocrates suggested marriage as a cure for
hysteria in women
According to your textbook, which mental disorder received the most attention from early scholars?
Aristotle believed that
mental disorders could not be caused by psychological factors.
Which statement about treatment of abnormal behavior in the Middle Ages is accurate?
Islamic forms of treatment were more humane than European approaches.
What trend was observed during the Middle Ages in Europe?
supernatural explanations for mental disorders grew in popularity.
A common treatment for mental illness during the Middle Ages in Europe was
Dureing the Middle Ages in Europe, which of the following was most likely to treat mental illness?
a priest
What was the purpose of the early asylums?
to remove those who could not care for themselves from society.
The early asylums
were primarily warehouses for the mentally ill.
Shackling a patient to a wall with little food or heat would be most typical of
the early asylums in Europe.
“Bedlam” in London was one of several hospitals for the mentally ill in different countries
exhibited their patients for profit
There is some debate about where Philippe Pinel
was the first person to remove chains from mental patients in a french mental hospital.
Which of the following is credited with continuing the work of Pinel in the United States?
Benjamin Rush
Dorothea Dix
is credited with establishing numerous humane mental hospitals in many countries.
In the early nineteenth century, psychiatrists were referred to as
During the first half of the twentieth century, mental hospital care would best be characterized as
The rationale behind deinstitutionalization was
a concern that prolonged hospitalization could keep patients from being able to adjust to and function in the outside world.
Which of the following is recognized as a major biomedical breakthrough in psychopathology because it established the link between mental and physical illnesses?
the discovery of the cause and later cure for general
A catharsis is
an emotional release.
free association and dream analysis
provide insight into the workings of the unconscious.
Behaviorism was
reaction to what the behaviorists perceived as a lack of scientific rigor in psychoanalysis.
The central principle of classical conditioning is that
after repeated pairings with a stimulus that naturally causes a response, a neutral
The central principle of operant conditioning is that
the consequences of behavior influence its likelihood of being repeated.

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