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The Third universe states were extremely inferred for development because of the cold war which divided the states into Eastern states and western states. This lasted for more than 50 old ages. Most of the Third World Nations wanted to avoid the group of states which had common involvement in political relations and they wanted to concentrate on acquiring their population out of the control of the other legal or political limitations. Third universe states got their name during the cold war which said to be given by Alfred Sauvy in 1952, who was the Gallic Economic historiographer. The universe was divided between the capitalist first universe which was led by the United States, and the communist 2nd universe, which was headed by Moscow ( Thussu, 2006 ) . The Term Third universe was given to the states who were non included in above mentioned groups ( Brandt Commission, 1981 ; South Commission, 1990 ) . Asia, Latin America and Africa started a motion of National Liberation. This changed the full political maps of the universe ( Thussu, 2006 ) . By 1960, a batch of states were free from the colonial powers and these new independent provinces got an chance to develop because of International Communication ( Thussu, 2006 ) .

The New International Economic Order ( NIEO ) was approved by the UN General Assembly and the UNCTAD because the Non-Aligned Movement started demanding equity in the economic system. NIEO had an independent and an classless economic order which was grounded on the rules of equality and was authorities free which included that, & A ; lsquo ; all the members of the state had equal rights to take part in the development procedure ‘ ( Thussu, 2006 cit. Hamelink, 1979: 145 ) . The NIEO provided a construction which helped to understand the international dealingss between the states based on North-South division. At the same clip, New World Information and Communication Order ( NWICO ) besides had to be taken into consideration in order to associate it with the economic order. The Non-Aligned states demanded alterations in the planetary economic and informational systems.

Juan Somavia observed that, & A ; lsquo ; The multinational Power construction supported the Transnational communicating system to develop. This is fundamentally a tool for conveying values and life styles to THird World Countries which provokes the ingestion and society which is necessary to the multinational system as a whole. ‘ ( Somavia, 1976: 16-17 )

There were a batch of times when the Third World or the underdeveloped states took proficient and fiscal aid from the Western or the developed states as they wanted to utilize the communicating engineerings for development. One of the chief countries where the development states took support from the developed 1s was the satellite telecasting. Television was considered to be one of the most powerful and influential medium. It could be used for a batch of intents like conveying alteration in the attitudes of the traditional people, educational intents and modernise societies.

Dependency Theory:

Modernisation Theory:

The construct of modernness has become a really general statement. It represents the experience of the western civilization on the others. All the planetary civilizations are disapproved to modernness and the construct of cultural imperialism critically evaluates the decisions in the review of modernness. ( John Tomlinson, 1991 ) . A philosophical impression in the old ages after the war was that international communicating is an of import portion in order to modernize and develop the Third universe states. The impression was that international communicating can be used to distribute modernness among the freshly independent states and that it will assist to transform the traditional societies of the developing states. It was besides used to reassign the conjectural description of economic and political entity of the developed states.

Modernisation theory is an effort to supply a support for the development policies which was created by the western states. These development policies were supported towards the Third universe states which were still acquiring out of the regulation of the stronger states and were acquiring independent. This theory is merely an effort to explicate the economic underdevelopment of the Third universe states by concentrating on the development which can be done with a procedure which is determined by the society ‘s internal characteristics.

Vincent Mosco points out: & A ; lsquo ; The Modernisation Theory was meant to retrace the international division of labor mixing the non-Western universe into the emerging international structural hierarchy ‘ ( 1996: 121 ) .

Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Simmel and Tonnies and others came up with their ain theories maintaining in the head the dramatic alterations in the European societies due to the modern universe. There was an understanding between the theoreticians which was based on the political spectrum and all of them thought that the universe had more than one possible significance in the capacity to present fulfillment and felicity. Modernity was associated with enlightenment and was suppose to liberate the people from the control of another individual or any legal or political limitations. But modernness failed to present complete freedom.

Modernisation includes economic and scientific proficient development that is really closely related to the capitalist market. But Berman ‘s, in his book ALL THAT IS SOLID MELTS INTO AIR negotiations about the impression of ego development. The chief purpose of his book is to explicate that cultural status of modernness was stood still and lapsed during the 20th century. He besides aims to repair the serious job which was closely linked to the possibilities of dangers along with the partisans and enemies of the modern life which was found during the 19th century. ( m. berman ( 1983 ) ALL THAT IS SOLID MELTS INTO AIR: the experience of modernness. London, verso, p. 15 )

Social and cultural theory does non hold with the nucleus of modernness. Besides this theory was criticised to a great grade because of its ideological footing, deficiency of lucidity and it is a topic which is nescient to many and it fails to exert good opinion. This theory ignores the external determiners of underdevelopment like the development of the Third universe states when they were being ruled by the Western states. This theory ignores these factors and assumes that the Third World states are come oning independently and are going modern on their ain. In order for the Third universe states to come on they needed aid from the Western states as there was a batch of poorness, unequal resources, deficiency of societal commissariats and political instability in the Third universe states. Modernisation Theory ignores all the disapprovals and look whose significance can non be determined from its context which was addressed by the classical theoreticians.

Harmonizing to the Frankfurt School theorists the chief issue of modernness was the unfairnesss by the capitalist system or societal intolerance by a bigot or of the political orientation of genitive individuality.

Horkheimer and Adorno critiqued the modernization theory by comparing it with the so called rational establishments. The chief undertaking of modernization theory is to put people free, but the history and past political relations show that this theory failed to make their undertaking efficaciously.

Harmonizing the Berman, people populating in the 20th century do non cognize how to populate a modern life and missed of broken the connexion between the civilization and lives. He describes modernization as a set of historical procedures due to which the experience of modernness evolves. He claims that modernness is one of the most hard, dying and unsure topographic point to populate, but finally it is the universe where people live and people can get the hang the civilizations of the topographic point where they live.

At one point of clip, he mentions about the Third World states and discusses that the authoritiess of those states are seeking to protect their people form modernization which is being imposed by the West. He says that if the civilization which is being imposed by the West is truly non utile by the Third World nations so will they devour so much energy? The authoritiess of the Third universe states call the West as foreigners. But they do non understand the fact that they are their ain people ‘s energies, desires and critical spirit. When these authoritiess say that they do non desire the Western Countries to enforce any sort of civilizations in their states, they are seeking to state that they have managed to maintain the political and religious influence on the people. Besides they do non gain that one time the people become more cognizant of things traveling around them, modernist spirit will be one of the first things to be adapted by the people.

The authoritiess of the Third World Nations are contending against each other in order to maintain their tradition alive among the people, which have no consequence at the terminal. He besides says that Third universe authoritiess think that they are being enforced upon by the western states by roll uping a batch of capital or are being forced to interrupt into parts.

He suggests that people have to acquire adapted to a topographic point in which nil can be taken for granted. Media is merely one signifier which helps to distribute the experience of modernness.

But harmonizing to another theoretician, Peter Berger, modernization is non a one manner journey which rectifies human ego apprehension. He explains this construct with the aid of a narrative of a visitant who visited the small towns of Tanzania. Peoples populating in these small towns belonged to different Tribes but are now populating really co-operatively. This was one of the communities which were reassigning from Tradition to modernness. The visitant asked person ; whether they still pattern their personal tribal dances. The reply was, yes, and it is done one time or twice a twelvemonth on any particular juncture. He besides added that this is done so that it becomes easy for the people to understand one another better. ( p. Berger ( 1974 ) Pyramids of forfeit, harmondsworth, allen lane, pp. 197-8 )

It is clearly seen that there is a procedure of political-economic which is enforced upon the Third universe states as they are really closely connected with their traditions and colonialism which has become a history for the Western states and still are in a place to rule over the Third universe states. ( John tomlison )

Castoriadis references that the West will go on to suppress the universe even if it was traveling to be destroyed materially. ( c. Castoriadis ( 1985 ) & A ; lsquo ; contemplations on reason and development, thesis elevn, no. 10/11, pp. 18-36 ( p.21 )

So when Berman says that the Third World cultures need to be modernised, he means non merely in footings of & A ; lsquo ; nonsubjective constructions ‘ of the capitalist markets, urbanism, but besides in footings of a narrative with a clear get downing maintaining in head the civilizations of the West. His position of modernness means that it if full of forces like the & A ; lsquo ; dynamic and development forces ‘ which means that the Western civilizations are being imposed on the Third universe states in order to modernize and develop their states. But Castoriadis has a different sentiment. He accepts persons have their ain precedences and have their personal institutional forces towards modernness. The sort of establishments we develop in order to go powerful does non come from external forces of humanity but it comes from within through the societal complex number. ( john Tomlinson )
Habermas ‘s position on modernness is wholly different from that of Berman ‘s. Habermas thinks that modernness is a manner of doing person hapless culturally, whereas Berman thinks that there are forces which drive people towards modernness. ( John Tomlinson )


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