A Reward Program for Real Estate Essay

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In the real estate development, effective reward systems should aim at positive reinforcement; this is the most effective aspect of encouraging the behaviors that are desired as it stimulates individuals to take actions because they gate extra values either internally or internally for doing the action. A reward program for real estate must be well designed and managed as it drives the process of change of an organization by the rewarding of the desired behaviors in the organization (Marilyn, 2003). The smart criteria of developing a rewarding program in the real estate development sector involve the following aspect;

• Specific. This entails the fact that a line of sight ought to b maintained amid rewards and actions in an organization.

• Meaningful. The achievements that are rewarded must provide a vital return on investment to both the rewarded person and organization in whole.

• Achievable. The rewards should be ones that are achievable by the workers.

• Reliable. The program of rewarding in an organization should operate in accordance to its philosophy and principles.

• Timely. The rewards should be provided in a frequent manner enough to make employees feel appreciated for their efforts (Doyle, 2008).

In all organizations, there eentails the do’s and don’ts of Effective Reward Programs, they involve such as the maintaining the needs of the customer, the customer needs to be the center of all the, objectives and measures I n the investment, therefore, the organization should not major rewarding and forget the center of a business that is the customers. Second, actions ought to be taken so as the organization is proactive, the rewarding program should aim at the provision of people with the meaningful measures, and reinforcement. In the development of a rewarding program, it is vital to ensure that every member of the organization can win. Reward programs built on the philosophy of competition or observance is counterproductive, if not complete destructive (Mario, 2011).

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