A Report on the Product/Services/Promotional Strategies of Coca-Cola

The internet today has become the default source of information. This has brought a drastic change in the marketing and service policy of businesses. Websites make it very convenient to place all the information the company wants to provide in one place and easily accessible to all parts of the globe. Today the genuineness of the businesses is decided by the quality of its website and its contents. Good companies are taking websites as a serious affair and realizing its potentials in sales and promotion. The advent of Web 2.0 has opened a whole new era of interactive web and companies are enhancing the features on the website for better services. With advancements in computer graphics, the appearances of the websites are enhanced each day.

The objective of this report is to briefly describe the products and service offered by Coca-Cola on their website and promotion of their products and services. The second part of this report is to discuss promoting my own business with the help of website.

A Report on the Product/Services/Promotional Strategies Offered by Coca-Cola The Coca-Cola Company has developed a well planned website which satisfies all the questions of its consumers. It used pleasant graphics and is updated with the current web-developmental trends available. The website is strategically divided into following five major segments.

1. Company Information: Provides overview of the company 2. Products: This section gives detailed information of all the company products 3. Health: This section addresses health issues associated with the consumption of beverages 4. Quality and Safety: This section discusses the 5. Social Initiatives: This section is intended to generate goodwill amongst the society for the company. Let’s discuss the products and service on the website, their target audience and promotional strategy. Products/Services

This of course is the most vital segment and the main objective of any website. A good website ensures that all product information is available on the site and not missed by the visitor. It is a simple task if the quantity of products is limited but for a company like Coco-Cola, which has a presence in over 200 countries with total brands exceeding 450, the task to provide this information becomes herculean. Adding to this is the fact that these brands are country specific. However the website scores points in this segment and ensures that not a single brand is missed by visitors to their website.

To provide the information about its products the company has used to several approaches. To simplify things it has classified all its beverages into as energy drinks, juices, soft drinks, sports drinks, tea/coffee, water and others (milk products, soups etc.). Using these categories, the user can search for the brand available in their country simply by running the search provided in the “Brands” section.

There is another innovative method designed to give brand information. It is in the form of flash animation called “the Virtual Vendor”. Here the product information can be obtained in an interactive manner very effectively by making use of computer graphics. They are not targeting any specific group but the website encompasses the whole population but their methods are effective. While some people still prefer the link and search approach there is no doubt that the animation will catch the fancy of children and youth alike.

Target Audience This segment is a must for all food and beverage websites. This not only removes doubt from the visitors’ mind about the product but it also shows that the company is concerned for its customers. A lot of research is being done on the consumption of beverages and its effects on health, obesity etc. The website has published nutritional facts of all its brands. It has also cleared various myths by means of health related articles and provides information about the health initiatives undertaken by the company. It has published its marketing policy for children in this segment too. This segment is successful in silencing all the critics of beverage consumption and hence strategically very important.

Every business has to assure its customers that their product is safe and the quality unsurpassed its competition. This website is very transparent about its quality policies and has published them on the web. It has also provided information about the manufacturing and packaging process. The aim of the segment is to ensure visitor that the company is committed To quality and which in turn will earn the trust and respect of its visitors.

Promotional Strategies Although many corporate companies are involved in and incorporate social responsibilities into their vision, Coca-Cola has been careful to present themselves in a proper manner. The website list their vision, mission and values that encompass the entire planet. If done so it generates goodwill for the company in society. The website also has links that addresses other global issues modestly yet in an effective manner. It gives details of all the social areas in which the company is involved. They contribute to organizations such as Environment Protection, Disaster Management, HIV-Aids Awareness, Water Management etc. It informs the consumer that the company cares about the environment and they are more than likely to purchase products from a company that cares.

A Report on the Products/Services/Promotional Strategies Offer by Moni’s Music

Product I would like to propose a business selling compact discs (CDs) which will be operated and promoted online. The company will offer domestic and imported music CDs and movies and video games to customers all over the world. We will offer low prices and a selection of items that can not be matched by a local video store. Customers would also have the option of purchasing songs and downloading them if they are not interested in buying the entire CD. Target Market

My customers will be youngsters and employed youth as they are they primary buyers. I intend to carry out all operations online. I will design an appealing web page with emphasis on flash and vibrant colors since that is what appeals to consumers in the 18 – 25 age groups. It will also go well with the nature of my business. I will also add pleasant instrumental music to the website so that my visitors have something to listen to which enhance their surfing experience. I will also post movie clips from new releases or those that have a higher sale percentage. They will be changed weekly to keep up with the artistic mindset of my visitors. The website will be updated with the latest artist and CDs to ensure they visit the website often. The homepage of website will be having sections.

Promotional Strategies The sales will be the result of traffic generated on the website. Visitors will keep visiting the website and that will convert into sales. Every day new consumers will visit the website and sign up for membership or purchase products. Marketing the website effectively will be the key to success. Two the methods used will be online marketing and advertisements/informational leaflets. On line Marketing:

Since this is an online venue, the website will be the most important form of marketing. As the target audiences are millenniums, advertising will also be listed on websites gaming, movies and sports. Social networking sites are also big with young generation. Facebook and MySpace would also provide a platform can be explored to publicize the website. You can also “blog” on the website about where you purchased a CD or downloaded a new artist on theses sites and have them redirected to my website. Information Leaflets:

To target the youth, advertisements can be placed in college newspapers or posted on their websites. It can also be included in youth and family magazines such as Teen and Young Peoples’ Press. Flyers can be posted on college canteens, coffee-shops, malls and clubs. Conclusion

Websites have become the face of business. By carefully planning a website you can not only reach a larger audience but also see drastic improvements in your operations and an increase in profitability of your business. It is indeed proving itself to be a powerful medium for the promotion of business today and in the future.