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In this essay I will talk about William Hill’s flotation from a Private Limited to a Public Limited company. I will state the company’s reasons for making this critical change and include their aims and objectives . I will also talk about the advantages and disadvantages of this type of ownereship.I will include facts and figures of their financial information.

The company raised a turnover of i?? 2. 45 billion in a year with underlying earnings of i?? 128. 5 million. They have benefited from the introduction of tax-free betting, it enabled sales to increase from i??449.

3 million the previous year to i?? 699. 7 million.Analysts expect the company to raise about i?? 1. 6 billion as a result of their flotation but also carry around i?? 500 million debt. CVC and Cinven, William Hill’s venture capital owners are expected to retain a stake of no less than 30 per cent.

William Hill is expected to benefit further from its flotation regarding its succsess in recent years. It is Britain’s second biggest bookmaker and the flotation is an important developement for the company. by Ratidzo Chivese

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