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A personal development advancement will assist me to specify and research my ends and to map out ways to turn them into world. Personal Development Planning Guide 2002: 4 It will let to pattern the accomplishments I am developing, to research the chances in the hereafter. In this brooding study, I will present myself foremost, and so concentrate on my personal development planning in peculiar.

I studied for my undergraduate grade in Media and Creativities ( Film and Television Production Management ) at the Zhejiang University of Media and Communications for three old ages. During that clip, I gained cognition in Marketing and Management, which I believe is a solid foundation for my hereafter alumnus surveies.

Furthermore, I had the chance to analyze at Coventry University for my concluding twelvemonth through a pupil exchange programmed. The clip spent in the UK broadened my skyline and greatly improved my English, particularly my speech production and listening accomplishments. It besides helped me to derive professional cognition about Event Management, which will profit me in my alumnus surveies.

I became interested in direction piece working as an houseman in my household ‘s company. Whilst in employment I acquired valuable existent universe cognition and experience. Through my observation of the company ‘s operation procedure, I understood how the managerial methods are implemented into existent pattern. Through this experience, I had the chance to better understand the direction system including countries that need betterment. I besides had the chance to run into gifted persons from whom I learnt a batch. This made me recognize the significance of individuals in an endeavor.

Indeed, as an international exchange alumnus in 2013, I had much more experience than others, every bit good as it is seem to more chance for me. In contrast, placing my development planning can be more ambitious.

Undertaking contemplations

Action programs and accomplishments audit

Skills audit

During this twelvemonth in the UK, I learned and practiced a assortment of cardinal accomplishments that could be used and developed in a broad scope of state of affairss. I besides realized that employers value the accomplishments with great importance. Basically, accomplishments for single and group portion equal importance in analyzing and working.

Compared with the pupils in my university in China, my schoolmates in the UK have many accomplishments deserving larning. Their self-study ability and leading has left me a deep feeling during frequent interaction with them. They ever make their ain survey program and carry on it consequently. In add-on, they spend tonss of clip in the library searching for utile books in order to widen cognition. That is what cubic decimeter learned from here and I believe the intelligence, avidity and finding are of import elements for my hereafter success.

I participated in group surveies to larn the different degrees of communicating, every bit good as how to direct and have signals in our ain alone environment, which is polar for me. Rose ( 2008: 7 ) asserts that most of this acquisition is out of consciousness, non consciously immersed in the procedure of life in a peculiar group. Trying to pass on with who learn the different linguistic communication in a group, is one of the best ways to recognize the features of one ‘s ain manner of pass oning. That is one of the chief grounds why I go abroad.

Action programs

There are three chief phases in this personal development planning. ( Personal Development Planning Guide 2002: 16 ) In phase one, it is necessary to place what I am ‘required ‘ to make in my function, which is ever utile to get down with my occupation description and place what I am required to make in the hereafter. Phase two is to understand the existent accomplishments and cognition base, and to see how these reflect on what I need to make yet. Phase three is to compare the needed and existent accomplishments, and so cut down the spreads as possible as I can.

Therefore, before I came to Coventry University, I considered about the demands of accomplishments and cognition that is of import to be able to efficaciously pass on. Bettering academic and communicate English accomplishment is the chief undertaking though this two old ages. It is besides required broader professional cognition at this phase, because I want to come on and develop into a new function. More specifically, it is meaningful to run into an academic staff, such as a personal academic coach, to discourse my academic ends and acquire utile feedback to better my program efficiency.

I studied in Film and Television Production Management in China in the past three twelvemonth, from which I gained deeper understanding about media than other event direction pupil does. For twelvemonth three, I plan to better accomplishments I already have, every bit good as geting new accomplishments by utilizing what I learned from Film and Television Production Management, in order to fix for my future work. For case, to larn from person who has experience in the country I want to develop. At the same clip, state them my strengths and failing and inquire them to reexamine my personal program, so that they could assist me clear up my ends and achieve marks.

A 5 twelvemonth calling program


Education for Event Management in China is at least 30 old ages behind the UK. ( Qikanwang. 2012 ) Geting more comprehensive instruction is the ground why I study this class here. Another chief undertaking for this twelvemonth is bettering my communicating accomplishment in English and adaptability in a new environment.

At the same clip, it is necessary to obtain a basic apprehension of my big leagues and familiar with the aggregation and analysis of relevant information, and acknowledge the relationships between the different countries of what I study. And so get down to reflect on the ends of personal development advancement and to set my programs in clip.


Prosecute a graduate student grade to increase my professional cognition and to broaden my calling option. Make full usage of the resource in the University Careers Service. Gain chances for part-time, voluntary and holiday work. Volunteer work can supply an outstanding experience every bit good as give me excess points on CV. ( Personal Development Planning Guide 2002: 22 ) . On top of this, prepare to use for a work for following twelvemonth.


At the terminal of the 2nd twelvemonth, I should hold gained much deeper apprehension and reflect on my current place. After graduating from graduate student survey, I need to fix for interviews and appraisals and to see Career Fairs and activities, unrecorded and on-line. And so I could take advantage of the experience and resources to acquire a occupation in the UK to advance a high professional criterion.


There are presently in China more than 100 million people working in the event concern ( event-related concern ) , among them 15 million as directors. However, the figure of event directors with professional accomplishments and endowments is less than 200. ( Zhou, B. 2011: 147 ) Meanwhile, in Shanghai along, the event market grows by over 20 % every twelvemonth. ( Docin. 2012 )

Deficit of endowment and the rapid development of the event market prompted me be aftering to return to China, which is my best option would be working for an event company full of chances, where I can work the advanced cognition and experience that I learned these old ages.

10 existent occupation vacancies

10 existent occupation vacancies

Events Executive

Marketing Executive – Campaign Management

Trade and Exhibition Manager

Events/Communications Manager

Events and PR Manager

Marketing Communications Executive

Creative Servicess Director

Regional Events and Sponsorship Manager

Exhibition Project Manager

Events and Hospitality Coordinator

Detail accomplishments and competences required for the occupation

• Organizational accomplishments

• Leadership accomplishments

• Creativity and invention

• Design and directing accomplishments

• Production, projecting and composing

• Good Personal computer accomplishments, including working cognition of Microsoft bundles

• The desire to creative job resolution and innovate

• Knowledge of economic sciences

• Resilience

• Data analysis and study

• Outstanding interpersonal accomplishments

• Confident and first-class communicating accomplishments, both verbal and written

• Regional and budgets direction

• Multi-project direction accomplishments

• Strong commercial consciousness

• Well motivated

• Efficiency

• Knowledge of national selling

• A confident, converting and professional presentation manner

• A positive attitude and vivacious spirit of teamwork

• Flexible to international travels

• A drive licence

• Familiar with web communicating channels and print, print production techniques and graphics creative activity

Assessment Centre Exercise and In Tray Exercise

I participated in an online exercising that turned out to be really utile to me, non merely because it tested a broad scope of accomplishments and cognition, but besides because this exercising helped me to hold a better apprehension of the procedure of planning, publicity and public presentation. By reexamining this exercising with seeking to put myself in a existent working environment, I non merely learned something that is beyond the categories in school, but besides noticed some jobs I ignored before.

The most indispensable point in this exercising is to show my capableness of job work outing within a given clip. The first measure is to understand the employers ‘ demand during the interviews. This requires me to maintain my eyes on the whole image, and seek to reply inquiries with lucidity and sound logic. After this measure, it is necessary to hold a full readying and to do specific programs with assurance and enthusiasm. Geting utile information and doing notes in keywords during the procedure is besides helpful. During the executing of the program, I kept in head that everything I do must maximise use the limited clip expeditiously every bit good. True, leading and forming ability are every bit of import. Each squad leader must administer the undertakings expeditiously and moderately.

This procedure was an chance for me to rehearse organisation and communicating accomplishments, every bit good as the ability to cover with eventualities. It besides reminds me to maintain acquiring professional cognition for the future work. My engagement in these activities helped me to see the direction of an endeavor as a procedure correspondent to the direction of any corporate activity in which the function of a leader is to maintain the squad together with a position to accomplishing a set end.


In decision, this brooding study has summarised and rationalised my personal development advancement based on what I learned in this class and ego guided undertakings and survey during this term. It looks back at the calling ends, and the strengths and countries need to be improved, assesses the advancement towards my marks. It has considered about my background accomplishments, competences, experience and strengths to do suited picks and calling waies.

It is obvious that, no affair being long-run or short-run, as a benefit for me, I believe that analyzing in the UK will assist me to solidify my undergraduate surveies and experience, and to get new cognition to accomplish my future calling ends. This personal development advancement will assist me to believe about my instruction in general and so choose cardinal countries to concentrate on.

Weinstein ( 2008: 37 ) asserts that no 1 can foretell the hereafter, but be aftering now could assist to heighten the chance of happening the perfect calling. As a Chinese alumnus in 2013, taking the opportunity to pull off my hereafter, utilizing this program to acquire a clear image of what and when I need to make. Finally, puting my ends helps me to accomplish future possibilities with motive.

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