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1. Measure simple and complex constructs of organisational behaviour ( OB ) ; including the theoretical and practical elements. 2. Identify basic managerial maps. functions. and accomplishments and how they relate to the field of OB. including deductions of environmental challenges. 3. Understand the elements of diverseness within a planetary organisation and environment. 4. Discourse the foundations of single behaviour through geographic expedition in psychological science ; including personality. perceptual experience. and interpersonal differences. 5.

Illustrate apprehension of need-based positions in motive including ; Maslow’s hierarchy of demands. Alderfer’s ERG theory. and Hertzberg’s dual-structure theory. 6. Illustrate apprehension of process-based positions in motive through the equity. anticipation. and reinforcement theories. 7. Explain how occupation design. work agreements. and employee engagement affect single public presentation and occupation satisfaction. 8. Explain end puting. public presentation direction. and reward systems as they relate to entire choice direction attempts. 9.

Discuss the nature of emphasis. pull offing emphasis and equilibrating work-life. 10. Show the apprehension of how persons make up squads and squads create an organisation. and organisational effectivity is reliant on each degree. COURSE CONTENT: Topical countries of survey include: Individual behaviours Individual features Group behaviours Personality differences Organizational behaviorsTeam diverseness Needs-based motivational modelsOrganizational success Process-based motivational theoretical accounts REQUIRED TEXT & A ; MATERIALS Title: Organizational Behavior Writer: Steven McShane and Mary Ann Von Glinow

Edition: 2nd edition Publisher: McGraw Hill-Primis ISBN: 978-0-07-338122-0 How to Order Textbook/Materials All books and stuffs. unless otherwise noted. should be purchased from the Ivy Tech online bookshop. To order the texts required for this category or any other class. travel to http [ – & gt ; 2 ] : // [ – & gt ; 3 ] World Wide Web [ – & gt ; 4 ] . [ – & gt ; 5 ] ivytech [ – & gt ; 6 ] . [ – & gt ; 7 ] bkstr [ – & gt ; 8 ] . [ – & gt ; 9 ] com [ – & gt ; 10 ] . Students can order all books and stuffs for all classs from this site – irrespective of whether it is an online or on-campus class. In the hereafter. it is advised that pupils order text editions and stuffs before the start of the semester.

Students should utilize a transcript of their class agenda to accurately order books and stuffs. Agendas can publish a transcript of their class agenda from Campus Connect at hypertext transfer protocol: //cc. ivytech. edu. Students who live in Indiana and environing provinces will usually have their book order within one twenty-four hours from the clip the book is shipped from the warehouse. Paying for nightlong transportation on text edition orders from the bookshop is usually non a good usage of money as it does non guarantee nightlong processing of the order – it merely ensures that one time the book order has been processed. it will be shipped out nightlong.

Technology Needs & A ; Resources Because this is a web-based class. it is expected that all pupils who enroll in the class have Internet entree and a basic apprehension of computing machine usage ( e. g. . utilizing e-mail. directing fond regards via electronic mail. utilizing web browsers. utilizing word processing package such as Microsoft Word ) . Besides. it is expected that all pupils will on a regular basis look into their Ivy Tech e-mail histories ( located in Campus Connect ) and/or Blackboard messages as indicated below. Within 48 hours is recommended. This is the PRIMARY method that the college will use to reach pupils.

Visit the Distance Learning Web site at: hypertext transfer protocol [ – & gt ; 11 ] : // [ – & gt ; 12 ] World Wide Web [ – & gt ; 13 ] . [ – & gt ; 14 ] ivytech [ – & gt ; 15 ] . [ – & gt ; 16 ] edu [ – & gt ; 17 ] / [ – & gt ; 18 ] distance [ – & gt ; 19 ] / [ – & gt ; 20 ] for more information related to engineering demands for on-line classs. Check with the nearest campus bookshop for educational pricing if extra package is required for this class. COLLEGE POLICIES Academic Honesty Statement The College is committed to academic unity in all its patterns. The module value rational unity and a high criterion of academic behavior. Activities that violate academic unity undermine the quality and decrease the value of educational accomplishment.

Cheating on documents. trials. or other academic plants is a misdemeanor of College regulations. No pupil shall prosecute in behaviour that. in the judgement of the teacher of the category. may be construed as cheating. This may include. but is non limited to. plagiarism or other signifiers of academic dishonesty such as the acquisition without permission of trials or other academic stuffs and/or distribution of these stuffs and other academic work. This includes pupils who aid and abet every bit good as those who attempt such behaviour. Copyright Statement Students shall adhere to the Torahs regulating the usage of copyrighted stuffs.

They must see that their activities comply with just usage and in no manner infringe on the right of first publication or other proprietary rights of others and that the stuffs used and developed at Ivy Tech Community College contain nil improper. unethical. or calumniatory and do non represent any misdemeanor of any right of privateness. ADA Statement Ivy Tech Community College seeks to supply sensible adjustments for qualified persons with documented disablements. If pupils need an adjustment because of a documented disablement. delight reach the Office of Disability Support Services.

COURSE POLICIES & A ; PROCEDURES Due Dates & A ; Deadlines The Syllabus and Course Calendar are 2 of import tools to assist pupils understand the class. pupil and teacher outlooks. and deadlines. Both paperss can be found under the “Start Here” button in the class within Blackboard. Students are required to subject work on clip for a opportunity to have recognition. Deadlines for each week/assignment are summarized on the class calendar. Students should look into the calendar often for deadlines and to be cognizant of what to anticipate following. Deadlines are capable to alter.

Students are responsible for timely assignment entry. Should a computing machine system or web go down. pupils must still turn in work in a timely mode. Don’t delay until the last minute. Plan in front by seeking alternate agencies for subjecting work earlier needed. Local libraries and all Ivy Tech Community College campuses can function as alternate resources. Reach the closest/most convenient campus or other public lab for agendas and Internet handiness. Not holding entree to the required package on a place or work computing machine is non a legitimate alibi for turning in prep tardily.

Attendance Policy – Don’t Get Dropped from Class! While it is of import to be timely and on-schedule throughout any class. pupils need to be cognizant of an of import college policy. Ivy Tech performs administrative beads for pupils who do non “attend” category early in the semester. Attendance in an on-line class is determined by whether a pupil has submitted work or non. Assignments may really be due on another twenty-four hours ( see class calendar ) . but pupils need to turn in something deserving points before the NSW deadline in order to avoid being dropped for non-attendance.

To avoid being dropped for non-attendance. pupils must subject some assignment from the class calendar no subsequently than 11:59 p. m. Friday. March 22. Eastern time. Am I Required to Come to a Campus for this Class? No. pupils do non hold to come to campus for this class. There are no activities. labs. or appraisals that require pupils to come to campus. Instructional Method This is an on-line distance-learning class. Each week’s assignments and readings are summarized on the Course Calendar. accessed from the “Start Here” button in Blackboard.

It takes a great trade of subject. self-motivation and effectual clip direction accomplishments to successfully finish an on-line class. Many pupils find it helpful to put aside specific times each hebdomad to work on class assignments. Grades All classs will be maintained in Blackboard’s online class book. Students are responsible to track their advancement by mentioning to the online class book. Make-Up Policy Late work ( trials. instance survey reappraisals. treatment board posters. group treatments. selling undertaking subdivisions. etc. ) will non be accepted. except for the undermentioned fortunes.

If you have a SERIOUS job that can be documented/verified and that keeps you from subjecting category work on clip. delight reach your Instructor instantly. The Instructor will find if the earnestness of your job warrants an exclusion to the late assignment regulation. Late assignments will be assigned a class of “0” unless you have received anterior blessing from the Instructor. There are no makeups for any category treatment boards. If you have planned events ( holiday. nuptials. birth of a kid. surgery. etc. ) . you can work in front on assignments with anterior blessing of the professor.

In all instances. communicating with the professor in progress is required. You are responsible for timely assignment entry. Should your personal computing machine system or web go down. you must still turn in your work in a timely mode. Don’t delay until the last minute ; program in front by seeking alternate agencies for subjecting your work before you need to. Local libraries and all Ivy Tech Community College campuses can function as alternate resources. Reach your campus or other public lab for agendas and Internet handiness.

Not holding entree to the required package on your place or work computing machine is NOT a legitimate alibi for turning in prep tardily. Technical jobs are NOT an alibi for late or lost assignments or tests. If you experience trouble with electronic mail. posting on the treatment boards. attaching files. finding/submitting assignments. or exam disposal on Blackboard. the job can be readily resolved by reaching your teacher or proficient support at Ivy Tech prior to the assignment’s due day of the month. Plan in front by seeking alternate agencies for subjecting your work before the state of affairs arises.

Local libraries and all Ivy Tech Community College campuses can function as alternate resources. Reach your campus or other public lab for agendas and Internet handiness. There will non be any excess recognition offered in this class. so it is really of import to be after in front and non lose any assignments. Last Day to Withdraw If a pupil wishes to retreat from this class. pupils are responsible for finishing an official backdown signifier with the registrar. The last twenty-four hours to retreat from this class is April 27. 2013. Right of Revision.

The college militias the right to alter any statements. policies or scheduling as necessary. Students will be informed quickly of any and all alterations. COURSE COMMUNICATION Instructor Commitment Ivy Tech Community College teachers are committed to reacting to pupils within two concern yearss. If a pupil sends communicating. but does non have a response. they should double-check that the right communicating method was used and that the right location is being checked for a answer. Students can reach their local Distance Education Support with inquiries.

Note: Messages are really different from Email. Students should carefully reexamine the information below to guarantee they are directing and having class communicating decently. Messages: all pupils must utilize the messages map of the class for course-related communications. Using messages. pupils can direct and have information from within the class. Messages can merely be sent and received from within the class in Blackboard. Please cheque messages often. To entree messages ( send and receive ) : 1. Log into Blackboard & A ; enter the class. 2. Snap on ‘Communication & A ; Tools’ . so Messages.

3. There are two booklets: Inbox and Sent. The Inbox booklet will incorporate all received messages ( so look there for messages from the teacher or other pupils ) . The Sent booklet will incorporate sent. 4. At the top left corner. above the booklets. is the button to get down a Create Message. 5. After snaping on Create Message. snaping on the “To” button pupils can choose the name of the individual to compose. Use the right-facing pointer to travel the individual into the “recipient” box. 6. Then. type a message and chink on the Submit button when ready to direct it. ASSIGNMENTS & A ; GRADING.

Methods of Evaluation Case Study Assignments ( 200 points 2 @ 100 points each ) : Two instance survey exercisings will be required. The instance survey assignments are designed to present. reappraisal. and farther explore issues in the category. Discussion Boards ( 250 points 10 @ 25 points each ) : During the class. an on-line treatment forum will be developed to further research subjects addressed in the assigned readings. ·Students will be required to post one response to the teacher posted inquiry. As a pupil. you will be required to react to one extra remark to one of your fellow schoolmates.

Responses are required to be grounded in academic stuff. particularly the needed readings. Each treatment board session is worth a sum of 25 points. ·Answers are required to be grounded in academic stuff. particularly the needed readings. All posters are graded. based on academic virtue. Posts that do non mention to the course/lesson stuff or make non supply academic support will non have any recognition. ·Discussion Board Rubric and Guidelines are posted under the Resources button. Quizzes ( 400 points 10 @ 40 points each ) : Students will be required to finish brief chapter quizzes that are nonsubjective in nature.

The quizzes are designed to help pupils in acquisition and reexamining chapter aims. How is my class calculated? Discussion Boards ( 8 at 25 points each ) |200 ( 25 % ) | Case Study Exercises ( 2 at 100 points each ) |200 ( 25 % ) | Quizzes ( 10 at 40 points each ) |400 ( 50 % ) | TOTAL|800 ( 100 % ) | [ *NO makeup or excess recognition will be available at any clip during the course. ] Grades will be calculated as entire points earned harmonizing to the undermentioned graduated table. It is extremely recommend that you monitor your ain advancement throughout the semester. Grades will be available hebdomadal on Blackboard.

Rating Scale 90 % – 100 % A 80 % – 89 % B 70 % – 79 % C 60 % – 69 % D Below 60 % F **Assignment/discussion classs will be posted one hebdomad after the due day of the month. ADDITIONAL SUPPORT Optional Campus Support Students are welcome to utilize the services and equipment available at the most convenient Ivy Tech Campus. Servicess include academic advising. equipment. libraries. and tutoring. Please turn up the most convenient Ivy Tech campus by reexamining the information at hypertext transfer protocol [ – & gt ; 21 ] : // [ – & gt ; 22 ] ivytech [ – & gt ; 23 ] . [ – & gt ; 24 ] edu [ – & gt ; 25 ] / [ – & gt ; 26 ] campuses [ – & gt ; 27 ] / [ – & gt ; 28 ] .

Library The Ivy Tech Library is available to pupils on- and off-campus. offering full text diaries. books. and other resources indispensable for class assignments. The Library can be accessed from the “Library” check in Blackboard or from the “Library” check in Campus Connect. Click for Help Log into Blackboard at hypertext transfer protocol: //online. ivytech. edu and see the “Click for Help” check for information about computing machine downloads. This check provides pupils with of import computing machine information. including security package. viewer package for users without Microsoft merchandises. adobe reader. flash participant. Java. and more.

Disabilities Services Students with inquiries or demands for disablements support services should reach their local Disabilities Support Services director/coordinator. In the hereafter. it is recommended that pupils contact Disabilities Support Services at least 30 yearss before the start of the semester. The contact information listed here is for the disablements support director/coordinator at the instructor’s local campus. For information about disablements support services at another campus. please visit: hypertext transfer protocol: //ivytech. edu/dss/ or Campus Connect ( hypertext transfer protocol: //cc. ivytech. edu ) .

Disabilities Support Contact: First Name: Michelle Last Name: Lehman Phone Number:765-269-5421 Email ( Ivy Tech Email ) : [ electronic mail protected ]edu Blackboard IM ID: mlehman16 Office/Campus Location: Ivy Hall Room 1323 Office Hours: Mon- Thurs. 8am-5pm Fri 9am-5pm Course Calendar| |Readings|Assignments/Assessments|Due Date| Week 1: 3/18 – 3/24Session1 and 2|Chapter 1 – Introduction to the Field of Organizational Behavior|- Discussion Board Introduction|Initial Post3/18Responses3/19Quizzes 1 & A ; 2 3/24. 11 pm| |Chapter 2 – Individual.

Behavior. Personality and Values|Discussion Board 2 – READ ONLY – Chapter 1 & A ; 2 Quiz|Quizzes 1 & A ; 2 3/24. 11 pm| Week 2:3/25- 3/31Session3 and 4|Chapter 3 -Perception and Learning in Organizations|- Discussion Board 3- Chapter 3 Quiz |Initial Post3/25Responses 3/27 Quiz 3/31. 11 pmCase Study3/31. 11 pm| ||Discussion Board 4 – READ ONLYCase Study # 1| Case Study 13/31. 11 autopsy | Week 3: 4/1 – 4/7Session5 and 6|Chapter 4 – Workplace Emotions. Attitudes and Stress| Discussion Board 5- Chapter 4 Quiz-Chapter 5 Quiz |Initial Post4/01Responses 4/4 Quiz 4 4/7. 11 pmQuiz 5 4/7. 11 pm | |Chapter 5 – Employee Motivation:

Foundations and Practices|Discussion Board 6 – READ ONLY- Chapter 5 Quiz|Quiz 5 4/7. 11 pm| Week 4:4/8 – 4/14Session7 and 8|Chapter 6 – Decision Making and Creativity|Discussion Board 7- Chapter 6 Quiz-Chapter 7 Quiz|Initial Post4/8Responses 4/11 Quiz 6 4/14. 11 pmQuiz 7 4/14. 11 pm| |Chapter 7 – Team Dynamics|Discussion Board 8 – READ ONLY|Quiz 7 4/14. 11 pm| Week 5:4/15 – 4/21Session 9 and 10|Chapter 8 – Communicating in Teams and Organizations|- Chapter 8 & A ; 9 QuizDiscussion Board 9|Initial Post4/15Responses 4/19Quiz 8 4/21. 11 pmQuiz 9 4/21. 11 pm|

|Chapter 9 – Power and Influence in the Workplace|- Discussion Board 10 – READ ONLY- Chapter 9 Quiz|Quiz 9 4/21. 11 pm| Week 6:4/22 – 4/28Session11 and 12|Chapter 10 – Conflict Management |- Discussion Board 11- Chapter 10 QuizCase Study # 2|Initial Post4/22Responses 4/25Quiz 10 4/28. 11 pmCase Study 4/28. 11 pm| ||Discussion Board 12 – READ ONLYCase Study # 2|| Week 7:4/29 – 5/05Session13 and 14|Chapter 11 –Leadership in OrganizationalChapter 12 – Organizational Structure |Discussion Board 13Chapter 11 & A ; 12 Quiz|Initial Post4/29Responses 5/02Quizzes 11 and 12 5/05. 11 pm| |Chapter 13 – Organizational Culture|Discussion Board 14 – READ ONLY|

Quiz 12 5/05| Week 8:5/06 – 5/10Session15 and 16|Chapter 14- Organizational Change|- Discussion Board 15 – READ ONLY- Discussion Board 16 – Chapter 13 & A ; 14 Quiz |Board 16: Initial Post5/06Responses 5/10. 11 pmQuizzes 13 & A ; 14 5/10. 11 pm | Session16||Discussion Board 16|5/10| [ – & gt ; 0 ] – hypertext transfer protocol: //online. ivytech. edu/webapps/blackboard/execute/courseMain? course_id=_340751_1 [ – & gt ; 1 ] – mailto: [ electronic mail protected ]ivytech. edu.

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