A Health and Fitness Company Essay

You are a top executive in your corporation. After careful consideration. you were selected to work on a undertaking to utilize MIS to alter the manner concern is run. In a group of 5. you will be responsible for researching the patterns in your industry. place the strengths and failings of the industry. and do an advanced program to utilize MIS to better on current patterns. Finally. you will be required to subject a typed study and present an unwritten presentation to the board of managers following these guidelines: Your study MUST include the undermentioned side headers:

1. History and Background ( supply detailed information about the industry. past and present concern model/practices. the industry’s strengths and failings ) 2. Target Customer ( place the mark client in footings of age. gender. income. location. needs…etc. Have your customers’ demands changed over the old ages? Are all their demands fulfilled? Is at that place a spread between customers’ demands and market offerings? ) 3. Competition ( who is your competition? What are your programs to guarantee that you are steps in front of your competition and how will you react to alterations in the competitory environment? ) 4. Survey and Results ( you are required to plan a study to assist you with your undertaking. Be certain to include a transcript of your study inquiries. sample size. sum-up of consequences. and recommendations )

5. Proposed Use of MIS ( explicate how MIS will profit your industry/corporation. Provide inside informations of the benefits and challenges of utilizing MIS in your industry/corporation ) 6. Deductions ( what are the deductions of the suggested usage of MIS on the industry? ) 7. Fiscal Benefits ( what are the costs and fiscal benefits of utilizing your proposed program? Explain the impact on gross. fixed costs. variable costs. initial investing. preparation. execution. client acquisition. client keeping. and client satisfaction ) 8. The Future ( what changes do you anticipate in the hereafter of your industry/corporation? How will you react to alterations in engineering. procedures. competitory environment. customers’ taste/needs. economic environment…etc. ? )

The intent of your research is to a ) provide you with an chance to larn more about a specific industry and the current procedures used B ) Identify chances to utilize MIS to alter how concern is run and better on current concern patterns.

All group members must take part in the readying of the written study and bringing of the unwritten presentation. Do non read straight from your study ( you may utilize index cards to remind yourself of of import points ) . face the audience when presenting. Allow clip for inquiries from the audience and be prepared to reply them. Audience members must be prepared to inquire inquiries besides. Your study must be TYPED. double-spaced. utilize Times New Roman size 12 fount for organic structure of study. Include a cover page ( with all group members’ names. rubric ( Industry/corporation ) . day of the month. presented to: Prof. Eshra ) and a right formatted mentions page ( APA ) for all beginnings used ( lower limit of 5 different beginnings ) .

Fix a lower limit of 10 PowerPoint slides to utilize when showing your study. Before your due day of the month. you are required to subject a printed transcript every bit good as an electronic transcript of: 1. Your study ( 10 pages minimal excepting screen page/table of contents/references ) April 6. 2013 2. PowerPoint presentation ( minimal 10 slides ) -Submit on the twenty-four hours you present Be every bit originative as you can to capture the attending of your audience ( usage of multimedia. original digital images. short picture is encouraged ) .

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