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There were many good men during the Anglo-Saxon period but there was one in particular that I think was the best man of their time. Why? Because he was everything that a good Anglo-Saxon ma would look like. He was strong, heroic, outstanding fighter, and humble to whoever was in his presence. The story Beowulf has many examples of many courageous acts he displayed and what makes him so loyal. Example when Beowulf showed his fierce strength when he fought Grenade and defeated his mother by the stroke of her own Giant sword and ripping the limb from

Grenade’s body. Also when he risked his life trying to slay the materialistic dragon In the cave and got credit from the young warrior that stood by him. I also think that Beowulf Is a good man for being so loyal even to his enemies because he believed that everyone was equal. He also killed Grenade so that he wouldn’t take out any more of Hoarder’s people. He also at his older age faced the fire breathing dragon that brought him to sudden faith for his people after he became king. I think that what most of all makes Beowulf the best man during the Anglo-

Saxon period was he was saw as a strong Christ-like figure. In fact he was of Christian belief and strongly believed that he won every battle because of the power from God. He believed that he was guided by God to make every move he made and that’s why he succeeded because God is the highest power above the King. Beowulf knew that he wasn’t a God but knew that he was blessed with great strength and great powers. And that most commonly he referred to Grenade as a descendent from Cain who Is a figure In the bible that was cast down to hell for killing his brother Able.

Also Beowulf was given gifts like God was given gifts at the last super for his remarkable tacks he won. I think that having something to believe in such as Christ is wonderful because I feel that, that is where our help comes from. I also believe that god directs his fights and victories because when he would Grenade that was his giant and he slayer him Just like David did Goliath in the Bible. So he was a good man just for that because without Christ you’re really nothing and for him doing what god ask of us which is to seek his face then we won’t have to worry about being lead wrong.

Although I think that Beowulf was a godly man I do think he could have been a little less arrogant and boastful because that’s not godly. He fought for people with good Intent but with selfish reason’s In a way. Why because he Just wanted to be known for how strong and heroic he was and he died being just that no matter how old he got -Also before faith came he got less spiritual and more materialistic when think the maybe he should have been praying to god for a battle well fought and for any sin may they be forgiven. So I think that again Beowulf is still the perfect example for a good man during the Anglo-Saxon period.

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