A Critique of Two Theories: Crabb and Hawkins Essay Essay

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To be an effectual counsellor with a scriptural integrating it is indispensable to supply consumers with the necessary tools in order to better worship and service God. Crabb’s integrating of Christ into guidance is a alone attack. He offers assorted theoretical accounts to utilize towards consumers that will assist in steering their lives in a coveted way. It is of import to utilize an attack that is delighting to the counsellor. in order for optimum accomplishment of ends consumers have and plan to obtain.

It is clear in Crabb’s attack that he is against a secular worldview portrayed towards consumers within the reding scene. He stresses the importance in understanding human operation. set uping a lovingness relationship. and making a end of adulthood as effectual guidance techniques. “Christian adulthood is developed by ( 1 ) covering with any immediate job fortunes in a mode consistent with Bible: Move OVER ; and ( 2 ) developing an inward character which conforms to the character ( attitudes. beliefs. intents ) of Jesus: Move UP” ( Crabb. 1977. p. 30 ) .

These constructs are one that allow persons to take a direct base on their life in relation to the life that Christ provides and guides us to take. Persons must posses a echt relationship with Christ in order to follow his truth. it may non be a relationship based merely on rational apprehension and concurrency of His word and works. Scripture leads one to understand and portion a trusting relationship with Christ. “Your word is a lamp to my pess and a visible radiation for my way ( Psalm 119:105. New International Version. “Direct me in the way of your bids. for there I find delight” ( Psalm 119:35. NIV ) .

Crabb’s attack. in this respect. is related to the attack that Hawkins integrates within reding. Hawkins theoretical account of reding incorporates an attack he identifies as ‘concentric circles’ ( Hawkins ) . This attack explains the make-up of an person from their innermost to outermost elements. The “core of each person is the image of God. the breath of life. where life itself abounds” ( Hawkins ) . He farther clarifies that the nucleus is what separates regenerate and stubborn existences because the Holy Spirit is in the nucleus of a regenerate being. Hawkynss so identifies the psyche.

The psyche is made up of “the scruples. emotions. believing. feeling. and volitional aspects” of persons ( Hawkins ) . A construct I feel relates to the ‘MOVE UP’ attack as explained by Crabb. Surrounding the nucleus and the psyche is the organic structure. which serves as a center between the psyche and exterior universe. This exterior universe is one that Hawkins explains to be made up of systems that “dramatically impact the defining of [ persons ] ideas and emotions” ( Hawkins ) . These exterior elements can best be understood as physical elements that persons may go consumed in life with and by.

Throughout Hawkins attack. it seems evident that. as counsellors. we understand these physical elements and how they contribute to the lives of consumers. By gestating the religious elements. emotional elements. and physical elements of persons. the successful transmutation of consumers into the image of Christ may be initiated. Hawkins’s procedure in therapy is to prosecute with the consumer in a manner so their narrative is revealed and all emotions are placed out on the tabular array. so to state.

The counsellor provides encouragement to let go of the loads one may hold in order to better understand the consumer’s point of position. A program and end are so set based on the desires the client reveals and the counsellor feels are suited for accomplishing success in populating life for Christ. Hawkins approach clearly identifies that “counseling lead to action” ( Hawkins ) . Curative Process Crabb portrays the guidance procedure as placing the demands of persons. and their basic premise of those demands as taking to a job or making a solution.

Crabb illustrates that there are “two basic demands of people. significance and security” ( Crabb. 1977. p. 68 ) . He clearly explains that a relationship with a personal God is a must in order to accomplish the personal demands of significance and security. The procedure of guidance is to place the job and make a solution for alteration in populating the life God provides you. “True significance and security are available merely to the Christian. 1 who is swearing in Christ’s perfect life and substitutionary decease as his exclusive footing of acceptableness before a sanctum God” ( Crabb. 1977. P.

71 ) . “For to me. to populate is Christ and to decease is gain” ( Philippians 1:21. NIV ) . “For we are God’s chef-d’oeuvre. He has created us afresh in Christ Jesus. so we can make the good things he planned for us long ago” ( Ephesians 2:10. NIV ) . Discussion The integrating of Christ and guidance is an attack that Crabb and Hawkins routinely incorporate into pattern. “The end of scriptural guidance is to advance Christian adulthood. to assist people enter into a richer experience of worship and a more effectual life of service” ( Crabb. 1977. p. 29 ) .

Equally good as “to promote Christ-likeness. advance religious and psychological adulthood. and to put a foundation for go oning growing in maturity” ( Hawkins ) . I agree with the attack that both Crabb and Hawkins incorporate in their guidance procedures. Although. I find that I follow more of Crabb’s attack. I surely agree with Hawkynss that it is critical to see the elements of an person as a whole in order to supply equal healing to the ego. I feel that the attack Crabb nowadayss is one that is more appealing to the consumer in footings of accepting the necessary alterations life requires to populate for God.

The integrating of Christ and guidance is good to clients as it places important significance and a securing way in their lives. Both attacks have theoretical accounts that I feel may be incorporated into my personal theory for reding. Mentions Crabb. L. ( 1977 ) . Effective Biblical guidance: A theoretical account for assisting caring Christians become capable counsellors. Grand Rapids. Myocardial infarction: Zondervan Publishing House. Hawkins. R. E. ( Speaker ) . ( n. d. a. ) . Model for steering the guidance procedure. ( Streamed video talk ) . Lynchburg. VA: Liberty University.

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