A Book Review of Making it in America by Liverirs

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The author of the book aims at highlighting and explaining the strategies and the means by which an individual can succeed in the United States of America. America is a diverse country with lots of independent States and a high emphasis on the rule of law as one of the country’s governing factors. The author follows the lives of various characters in the book to reveal exactly how life is in America (Liverirs, 2008). The hustling spirit, dedication and determination are the key factors that the author highlights in terms of making it or succeeding in America. For instance, the fashion scene in the country is quite competitive and trying to make your way in this particular sector is more of a challenge than just a straight forward task (Hinckley, 2010). Some of the obvious and possible ways that the author states as the key methods or means of making in America include: Knowing somebody to make viable and beneficial connections on your behalf. Another way is through personal struggle and tactics to create and utilize opportunities, and at the same time invest in them. Therefore, the author’s main message is to deliver to the audience different ways in which an individual can make it or succeed in America.

The thesis statement

nbsp; The main thesis statement in the book, which is also the main point of argument, is whether hustling, personal determination and individual strategies can lead to an individual’s success in the United States of America. In this aspect, the author argues in support of the fact that; hustling, personal determination, entrepreneurship, and other individual strategies can actually deliver an individual away from the starting point in terms of success.

Problems highlighted in the book

The author highlights a whole series of problems that go in line with making in America. First, there are economic problems where by investment opportunities in the economic sector face serous economic fluctuations that my subject an investor (someone who with determination to make it in America) to failure. The problem of social, racial and ethnic discrimination is also prominent in the country. This problem is likely to affect the ability of an individual to make it or succeed in the country following denial of opportunities based on discrimination. Another problem is the starting point, which determines the ultimate success or the possibility of succeeding. For investors, it is vital to gather enough capital to makke a viable investment (Ehrlich, 2010). Accessing or getting this capital in the country is quite a challenge especially for the new beginners who do to posses any valuable assets to secure capital.

The author’s intent of publishing the book

The author’s intent of publishing the book was to shed light to several ways in which an individual can make it in America. The author targets young and vibrant individuals intending to make investments or with interest of succeeding in the United States of America. For them, this book is a great resource in which they can learn several tactics, experiences and techniques that are viable and that can lead to ultimate success in the country. Those seeking answers on how to make it in America are the main potential customers of the book.

The publishing of the book affects quality manufacturing in a positive way since many people are going for books that are enriched with topics, discussions and arguments which are likely to turn their lives around in a positive manner. The book is well printed with simple and easy to understand US English, which is a positive contribution to quality manufacturing.

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