A Book report on, Jamaica- Rebuilding The walls

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In this book report, is my interpretation of Dr. Herbert Thompson’s passionate appeal for Jamaicans to restore our country to the good old days. Black in color is the cover of this intriguing book. It shows the hands of different races putting blocks in place. Inside, the author’s note, dedication, tributes, introduction, eight(8) chapters, 124 pages, picture and a brief biography of the author at the back of the book. The book started off with a hint of what early Jamaica was like, that is the latter part of slavery into the early days of independence.

When we look at where we are coming from, a people under slavery, fighting and winning the great white man and governing our own country and people, to where we are now- a society where the minority is void of true values and attitude, seems to be the majority. The great author took us into how our walls broke down; tribalism, corrupt politicians, greed, dons, extortions, etc. It is not good to identify a problem and not do anything about it, thus the main purpose of the book-Rebuilding the Walls.

Rebuilding our society, taking it back from the criminal elements, taking back our pioneers who left because of the damage done to the laws of the country, educating those of us who are left enough to make up for the brain drain (which on the other hand could be look at in a positive way), getting everyone to contribute not only their resources, but also of themselves, everyone working towards the greater good- Rebuilding Jamaica.

One of the most compelling factors of this book is the fact that the author did not only state the problem, but he took us back to the beginning, the how, when and why of it all. He did not leave it there, he attacked the problem, he found solutions, based on facts, great opinion and experience. He, himself has and is making a marvelous contribution to his country. It is therefore my determination to stay and contribute to my country, not only my resources, but also of my time and efforts.

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