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•Born in France in 1581 to a peasant family •Good student who became a priest at 20 •Taken captive by pirates & sold into slavery •Converted his owner and was freed St. Vincent de Paul
•Born in modern day New York State in 1656•Native American part of a Mohawk tribe•Smallpox wiped out her family leaving her scarred and orphaned•Converted to Catholicism in 1676 St. Kateri Tekakwitha
•Born in Italy in 1181 to wealthy parents•Was a bit of a wild child•Captured in battle and became a POW•Converted while imprisoned and swore to devote his life to the Gospel St. Francis of Assisi
•Joined the Carmelite sisters at the age of 15•Sick with tuberculosis, she wrote her memoirs•Her faith is known as the “Little Way” because she taught a child-like love of Christ St. Therese of Lisieux
•Founded the Daughters of Charity •Society of St. Vincent de Paul carries on his mission •Feast day is September 27th St. Vincent de Paul
•Three archangels are mentioned by name in the Bible•Raphael appears in Tobit, where he had Tobias gut a fish•Michael defeats Satan in the Book of Revelation and also appears in Daniel Feast of the Archangels
•She was shunned and abused by the tribe because of her faith•Ran away and led a chaste and austere lifestyle•Died of natural causes in Canada in 1680•Appearance changed within an hour after death St. Kateri Tekakwitha
•Renounced his wealth and inheritance•Founded the Franciscan Order•Lived with animals, cleansed lepers•Received the stigmata•Died of natural causes on October 4, 1226 St. Francis of Assisi
•She is known as the “Little Flower”•She died at the age of 24•Youngest Doctor of the Church•Memorial October 1 St. Therese of Lisieux
•Gabriel visits Mary at the Feast of the Annunciation•We celebrate their feast September 29th Feast of the Archangels
•Born in Poland in 1905•She was not educated•Worked as a house servant before joining the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy St. Faustina Kowalska
•Born in Nablus, Palestine, around 100•He was a pagan philosopher•The stories of the martyrs helped convert him to Christianity St. Justin Martyr
•A mystic who had visions and the stigmata, she wrote an unreadable diary•Painted the Divine Mercy after receiving a message from Christ•Died of tuberculosis in 1939•Feast Day is October 5th St. Faustina Kowalska
•He used his skills a a speaker to debate pagans•Growth in popularity led to his martyrdom•Patron saint of speakers St. Justin Martyr
•1st Bishop of Paris and a great orator•Local pagans had him imprisoned and beheaded in 258•According to legend, he picked up his head and walked away, preaching for six miles St. Denis of Paris
•Born in Spain in 1515•Pretend played to be a saint as a child•Ran away from home to join the Carmelites at 17•Became gravely after taking her vows St. Teresa of Avila
•Born in Italy in 1881 as Angelo Roncalli•Elected at 76 and served as pope for five years•People thought he would be a ‘caretaker pope’ Pope St. John XXIII
•His body was thrown into the River Seine, but was retrieved by followers•Patron saint of hydrophobia•Feast Day October 9th St. Denis of Paris
•Began having visions•Her reforms and teachings helped the Church after the Protestant Reformation•Proclaimed a Doctor of the Church•Feast Day October 15th St. Teresa of Avila
•Called the Second Vatican Council•Vatican II made the mass more accessible to the people•Did not survive to see Vatican II completed•Feast Day October 11th Pope St. John XXIII

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