7th grade

Question Answer
potential hydrogen what does pH stand for?
weathered bedrock, decomposed organic material what is soil made of?
the loose, weathered material on earth's surface in which plants can grow what is soil?
Rock is broken down by weathering and mixed with other surface materials how is soil formed?
the layer of rock beneath the subsoil what is bedrock?
the bedrock that was weathered, and how it was weathered What are the two factors that determine the type of rock particles and minerals in a soil?
sand, silt, and clay What are the three types of weathered rock particles found in soil?
the decayed organic material in soil What is humus?
gravel, sand, silt, clay what are they soil particles listed from largest to smallest?
it is slower in areas that are dry, and faster on limestone than granite what are two true facts about soil erosion?
mixes the soil and makes spaces for air and water what do soil organisms do to improve soil?
the organism that contributes the most organic remains what are plants?
a loose layer created when plants shed leaves what is litter?
soil organisms that turn DOM into humus What are decomposers?
fungi, protists, bacteria, worms what are the main soil decomposers?
do most of the work of mixing humus with other materials what are earthworms?
break up hard, compacted soil and mix humus through, add nitrogen, organic materials, and aerate it What do burrowing mammals do?

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