7th grade Geography chpt. 3 sect.1

What is culture?
the way of life of people who share similar beliefs and customs

What are the 8 traits do social scientists study?
1. what groups a society is divided into
2. what language the people speak
3. what religions they follow
4. daily lives 5. history 6. artwork 7. how a society is governed 8. how the people make a living

What is an ethnic group?
a group of people who share a common history, language, religion and some physical characteristics

local form of a language that differs from the same language in other areas.

How are citizens in a limited government to behave?
all citizens in a limited government must obey the laws of the land

What is a democracy?
a form of limited government where power rests with the people of the nation

What is a dictatorship?
type of unlimited government where a dictator usually takes power by force

What is a monarchy?
where kings or queens are born into a ruling family and inherit their power to rule.

What is cultural diffusion?
the process of spreading new knowledge and skills to other cultures

What are civilizations?
highly developed cultures

What are the 4 civilizations that arose in the river valleys?
1. Iraq 2. Egypt 3. India 4. China

What is a culture region?
different countries that have cultural traits in common; they share similar economic systems, forms of government and social groups; related languages and religions; food, housing; and dress may be shared

What kinds of social groups do social scientists study?
The number of rich, poor, middle class, young, old, roles of men and women and ethnic groups.

What are the different forms of government a society may have?
Monarchy, dictatorship, democracy

In what ways does cultural diffusion occur?
Television and internet

How does history shape culture?
By people remembering the successes of the past and the dark periods of disaster and defeat all influence how a group of people sees itself

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