7th grade Ch3 vocab

Question Answer
animated The fans at the game appeared ________________ about the referee's call.
brood The girl was ___________ about the fact that her sister got the new I-Phone 10.
constituent In Livingston County almost every ___________ is dedicated to the Republican Party.
culminate The Hamilton performance _______________________ in a standing ovation for 5 minutes.
downright The basketball player looked like a _______________ jerk plowing into the other team's bench.
drone The teacher ___________________ on and on about plagiarism.
goad The 8th graders were ____________ the other team's center.
hanker The boy was ______________ for some deer sausage and Mt. Dew.
indulge During the holidays, people ___________ in too much food.
literate The 7th grader gave a great speech proving she was very __________ in current events.
loom My daughter has a _____________ to make rubber band bracelets.
luster The engagement ring had a bright ___________ and sparkle.
miscellaneous I have a collection of _________________________ Christmas ornaments.
oration Austin's speech proved he is a great _______________.
peevish The girls can be _____________ when things don't go their way.
seethe The other coach was ______________ with fury over his team's loss.
singe My friend ______________ her bangs with her curling iron.
unique The boys displayed the _____________ ability to laugh at everything.
upright The boy was standing in an _________________ position for 10 hours to try to win the X Box One.
verify Did you ________________ our flight plans with the ticket agent?

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