7 step e-marketing plan

7 steps in order
1. Situation Analysis
2. E-marketing Strategic Planning
3. Objectives
4.E-marketing Strategy
5.Implementation Plan
6. Budget
7.Evaluation plan
1. Situational Analysis
Review firms environmental and SWOT analysis. Internal SW and external OT. Factors : SOCIAL, LEGAL, ENVIRONMENTAL, POLITICAL, TECHNOLOGICAL.
2. E-Marketing- Strategic Planning
Deep dive into the market, organizational and product value. Marketing Opportunity Analysis- brand online consumer desires, differentiate from competitors, segmentation, targeting. Target market research, know characteristics, behaviors and desires.
3. Objectives
(derived from steps 1 &2)
Objectives include what is to be accomplished, a measurable quantity, and a time frame. Ex. Increase specific share market, reduce cost of sale, raise awareness.
4.E-marketing stategies
strategies related to 4p 4c. (promotion strategies, pricing strategies, etc)
5. Implementation Plan
Defines all the tasks required to achieve objectives. Who is doing what tasks, time taken per task, overall calculation of budget. Tasks based on 4c’s, relationship management tactics, information gathering tactics (website forms, cookies, feed-back emails, likes, etc)
6. Budget
Identify expected returns from marketing investments in order to develop: cost/benefit analysis, ROI calculation, return on marketing investment.
7. Evaluation
Marketing plan success depends on continuous evaluation. E-marketers must have tracking systems in place to measure results.
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