7 Ps of Hospitality Marketing

refers to benefits of buying a product, what need does it fulfill? Quality, features, design
Price, competition, penetration, bundle, psychological
*establishing a price for a product/service, cost of all inputs, profit margin.
*Competition → basing your prices on those of the competition.
* Penetration → making your price low while new just to get business *Bundle- putting product/service with another item and bundling the price *psychological- making the price say something about the quality of the product.
Place (3) indirect, direct
*how and where you are going to sell the product
*Direct → sending directly to the store and buying it.
*Indirect → websites like Amazon
*benefit must be communicated to the target market, PR, advertising, sales, buzz
*marketers & customers
Physical Evidence (2)
*service scape is the whole physical area a surface occurs
*Ex.furniture, decorations, how things look, sounds, smells, lighting, music
Process (2)
*Process refers to the systems used toassist the organization in delivering the service
*Ex. dining in a restaurant, crowd control
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