7.4 Biology study guide

how does genetic inheritance follow similar patterns in all sexually reproducing organisms
meiosis independently assorts chromosomes then human heredity involves the same relations that helps between alleles
how are single gen traits useful in studying human genetics
such trait is the shape of a ppersons hairline
who can be carriers of autosomal disorders
both males and females
why can females, but not males be carriers of sex linked genetic disorder
because it is caused by genes on the x chromosome
what is a pedigree
a chart that can helpp you trace phenotyppes and genotypes in a familyto determine wheather people carry recessive alleles
how are phenotypes used in a pedigree analysis
they are used to find the genotypes of a family
what does a karyotype show about chromosomes
it shows a picture of all the chromosomes
what are 2 methods that are used to directly study human chromosomes
karyotype & pedigree