6.3 Mendel and Heredity

what are traits?
distinguishing characteristics that are inherited, such as eye color, leaf shape, and tail length.

what is genetics?
the study of biological inheritance patterns and variations in organisms.

who recognized that traits are inherited as discrete units from the parental generation, like different colored marbles mixed together that can still be picked out separately.

what are three key choices that mendel made about his experiments that played an important role in the development of his laws of inheritance:
control over breeding, use of purbred plants, and observation of “either or” traits that appeared in only two alternate forms.

if a line of plants has self pollinated for long enough, that long becomes genetically uniform, this is called ___.

what traits did mendel follow?
pea shape, pea color, pod shape, pod color, plant height, flower color, and flower position

what is the mating of two organisms?

what does “P” represent?
the parental generation

what does “F1” represent?
the generation created by the parental generation

what are Mendel’s last two key conclusions are collective called the law of segregation.
organisms inherit two copies of each gene, from parents. organisms donate only one copy of each gene in their gametes. therefore, two copies of each gene segregate, or separate, during gamete formation.

what was mendel’s first law?
law of segregation.`

is purple dominent or recessive?

is white dominent or recessive?

how did Mendel fertilize the pea plants?
interrupted the self-pollination process by removing male flower parts

what did other scientists in Mendel’s time think about traits?
they thought they were all blended.

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