5TH QTR Mr. Bridgewater- Ethics/Mortuary Law- Quiz #2

Question Answer
our profession is founded on the care of deceased individuals
for over how many years has funeral directors of some kind been caring for the physical bodies of those who die 6000 years
funeral directors should maintain the utmost integrity with regards to confidentiality and privacy issues
funeral directors should with regards to professional procedures: 2 things demonstrate a caring concern for the dignity of the deceased demonstrate a thoroughness of the preparation of the deceased
discrimination the act of making a difference in treatment or favor on a basis other than individual merit
harassment to annoy continually or chronically
a necessary aspect of operating any funeral home is the need to inform the public that you are in business
how you let the public know you are in business paid advertising
paid advertising consists of sponsoring seminars educational tours holiday remembrance activities donations of time and or money
must be ethical with advertising because misleading or inaccurate information is usually not illegal
when dealing with the media the funeral director should provide only factual information never speculate use discretion when releasing information
tips for dealing with the media be prepared as much as possible, practice your core message first you are not obligated to answer the question exactly as asked. you never want to evade a question, but you do have the flexibility to rephrase or modify questions and answer them in a positive confident manner. with hostile questions its critical to remove any negatively charged language, reframe the question in the positive direction and respond with your message most importantly stay calm, avoid an emotional reaction or that will end up being the story dont lie, think before you speak and dont talk too much as you are never off the record as the media is not your friend
with respect to publicity the funeral director should provide accurate representation of : warranties testimonials endorsements
with respect to advertising be honest maintain integrity maintain a professional image utilize dignified commercials maintain goodwill use appropriate materials, nothing offensive
honesty having a sense of honor; up right and fair dealing
integrity fidelity to moral principles
do not downgrade competitors
pre-planned funeral arrangements involves: due consideration of oral and written wishes proper maintenance of records/information adhere to state and federal laws maintain correct files at the funeral home keep all records in a secure place
proper maintenance of records/information involves funeral directors should maintain privacy funeral directors should provide security funeral directors should provide copies to clients/family/and or authorized respresentatives
the following records are to be maintained on file at the funeral home: pre-need contract price descriptions and the price list of merchandise chosen the oral wishes of the client
fiduciary a relationship of trust and confidence such as which exists between partners in a partnership
funeral directors fiduciary duties to clients: determination of funding method (trusts, insurance, other investment instruments) disclosures
fiduciary duties to professional issues: commisions future stability of funds referrals
fiduciary duties to adherence to laws and rules refunds substitution of merchandise
aftercare services post funeral follow-up vs. solicitation of pre-need knowledge of community resource professional referrals
colleague relationships ethics: promote understanding and cooperation develop professional image sharing of information and ideas involvement in professional associations sharing of personnel and equipment as necessary sharing time and talents urge professional solidarity participate in continuing education
ethics in regards to the deceased has been regarded as one of the most important ethical responsibilities that the funeral director has
employer-employee relationships personal conduct should not discriminate should refrain from appearance of acts of harassment
employer and employee relationships personal conduct hiring practices training continuing education internships and apprenticeship relations safe and healthy working conditions adequate compensation and benefits professional personal appearance
conveyance of a positive image of funeral service part of employer and employee conduct
ethics within a funeral service operation employer-employee relationship accuracy and confidentiality of records compliance with federal and state laws, rules and regulations unlicensed personnel environmental issues
parts of accuracy and confidentiality of records business client/family employee oral and written agreements
dealing with unlicensed personnel treat with respect train to the best of your ability even if they are not going to be your employee in the future abide with OSHA and other governmental regulations when delegating duties

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