5th Grade Ch. 3 Review

Term Definition
puella, puellae (f) girl
germana, germanae (f) sister
filia, filiae (f) daughter
germanus, germani (m) brother
puer, pueri (m) boy
filius, filii (m) son
ludus, ludi (m) game, school, play
magistra, magistrae (f) female teacher
magister, magistri (m) male teacher/master
dominus, domini (m) male master
domina, dominae (m) female master
servus, servi (m) male slave
serva, servae (f) female slave
famula, famulae (f) female servant
famulus, famuli (m) male servant
amicus, amici (m) male friend
amica, amicae (f) female friend
vir, viri (m) man
femina, feminae (f) woman
discipulus, discipuli (m) male student/disciple
discipula, discipulae (f) female student
a, ae, ae, am ,aae, arum, is, as, is 1st declension noun endings
us, i, o, um, oi, orum, is, os, is 2nd declension noun endings
decline a noun list a noun with all of its endings
case, number, gender Three characteristics of a noun ending
case a noun's job in a sentence
number singular or plural
gender feminine, masculine, neuter
Dum spiro, spero-Cicero While I breathe, I hope

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