50+ Marketing Metrics

Metric: Market Share
Definition: Revenue or Units as a percentage of the total market | Considerations: Scope of market definition. Channel level analyzed. Before/after discounts or time periods covered. | Purpose: Measure of competitiveness
Metric: Relative Market Share
Definition: Market Share divided by largest competitors market share | Considerations: none | Purpose: Measure of competitiveness
Metric: Category or Brand development index
Definition: Brand or Category sales indexed against sales within an entire market | Considerations: none | Purpose: Regional or segment differences in brand/category purchases and consumption
Metric: Decomposition of Market Share
Definition: Penetration Share, Share of Requirements, and Heavy Usage Index | Considerations: none | Purpose: Calulation of market share, competitive analysis, historical trend analysis and formulation of marketing objectives
Metric: Market/Brand Penetration
Definition: Purchasers of a category or brand shared to total population | Considerations: none | Purpose: Measures category by a defined population. Useful in tracking acceptance of new product categories
Metric: Penetration Share
Definition: Brand penetration as a percentage of market penetration | Considerations: none | Purpose: comparative acceptance of brand within category
Metric: Share of Requirements
Definition: Brand purchases as a percent of total category purchases by buyers of that brand | Considerations: none | Purpose: level of commitment to a brand by its existing customs
Metric: Heavy Usage Index
Definition: Category purchases by customers of a brand, compared with purchases in that category by average customers in the category. | Considerations: none | Purpose: Measures relative usage of a category by customers for a specific brand
Metric: Hierarchy of Effects
Definition: Awareness, Attitudes, beliefs, importance, intentions to try or buy, trail and repeat | Considerations: Strict sequence is often violated and can be reversed | Purpose: Set marketing and advertising objectives and understand stages of customer decision process
Metric: Awareness
Definition: Percentage of population that is aware of the brand | Considerations: Is this prompted or unprompted awareness? | Purpose: Who has heard of the brad
Metric: Top of Mind
Definition: First brand to consider? | Considerations: May be subject to most recent advertising or experience | Purpose: Saliency of brand
Metric: Ad Awareness
Definition: Percentage of the population that is aware of a brands advertising | Considerations: May vary by the schedule, reach and frequency of advertising. | Purpose: May indicate “stopping power” of ads
Metric: Knowledge
Definition: % of pop with knowledge of product or recall of ads | Considerations: Not a formal metric. Is this prompted or unprompted knowledge? | Purpose: Extent of familiarity of product beyond name recognition
Metric: Beliefs
Definition: Cust. View of product generally captures via survey responses on a scale | Considerations: Customers/consumers may hold beliefs with varying degrees of conviction | Purpose: Perception of brand by attribute
Metric: Purchase intentions
Definition: Prob of intention to purchase | Considerations: none | Purpose: Measures pre shopping disposition to purchase
Metric: Purchase Habits
Definition: Frequency of purchase or quantity generally purchased | Considerations: May vary widely by shopping trips | Purpose: Helps identify heavy users
Metric: Loyalty
Definition: Measures include shared of requirement, willingness to pay premium, willingness to search | Considerations: Loyalty itself is not a formal metric, but specific metrics measure aspects of this dynamic. New product entries may alter loyalty levels. | Purpose: Indication of base future revenues
Metric: Likeability
Definition: Generally measured via ratings across a number of scales | Considerations: Often believed to correlate with persuasion | Purpose: Shows overall preference prior to shopping
Metric: Willingness to recommend
Definition: Generally measures via scale | Considerations: Nonlinear in impact | Purpose: Shows strength of loyalty, potential impact on others
Metric: Customer Satisfaction
Definition: Measured on scale | Considerations: Subject to response bias. Captures views of current customers, not lost customers. Satisfaction is a function of expectations. | Purpose: Indicates likelihood of repurchase. Reports of dissatisfaction show aspects that require improvement to enhance loyalty
Metric: Willingness to search
Definition: % of customers willing to delay purchase, change stores, or reduce quantities to avoid switching brands | Considerations: hard to capture | Purpose: Indicates importance of distribution coverage
Explained analysis to non technical person
Comparing Marketing Mix Story
Turned around an analysis on a tight schedule
Comparing Marketing Mix Story
A time when you accepted criticism from a colleague
Training Rachel Story
A time you helped a colleague learn a skill
Training Rachel Story
Outside of the box analysis
ARF Story
Did something new in my field
ARF Story
Worked with a diverse team
ARF Story
Championed a new initiative
Russia Presentation
Created new value with clients.
Russia Presentation
Questioned convention
Promotional Times Series
Displayed intellectual curiousity to provide higher levels of insight
Promotional Times Series
Creative problem solving
Kelter’s dilemma
Helped make a routine task simpler
Kelter’s dilemma
Scanned externally for new ideas
Analysts reports
Scanned externally for best practices
Analyst reports
Mountain man
5 min resume pitch
5 min resume pitch
Summer internship
5 min resume pitch
5 min resume pitch
5 min resume pitch
5 min resume pitch
Financial Services Team
5 min resume pitch
List 3 greatest weaknesses
Tought issues, Sensitivity and Distracted
List 3 greatest strenghts
Simplicty/Presentation, Eliminating Distraction, Championing new ideas
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