5 Paragraph Essay quiz

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A paragraph “hook” is
a technique for making a paragraph longer by adding lots of unnecessary details.
a technique to use ideas from the concluding sentence of the previous paragaph in your topic sentence.
a technique for making readers laugh by having a long and involved topic sentence.
a technique to use ideas from the topic sentence in one paragraph in the concluding sentence of another.
All essays
have multiple paragraphs.
have five paragraphs.
have four paragraphs.
have the same number of paragraphs.
The introduction paragraph
should always contain a question.
should be shorter than the body paragraphs.
should be longer than the body paragraphs.
should contain many details and examples.
An essay title
should have a capital on all important words.
is not necessary for a test essay.
should have a capital on only the first word.
should contain a minimum of twelve words.
A body paragraph should always be
only three or four sentences.
well developed, with adequate examples.
ten or more sentences.
five to seven sentences.
Body paragraphs are
usually longer towards the end of the essay.
usually about the same length.
usually with topic sentences at the end.
usually in chronological order.

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