4th grade Study Guide for Native Americans

a way of supplying water to cros with streams,ditches or pipes.

a large house made out of wood poles and covered with bark.

pieces of carefully shaped seashell made into strings or belts.

a large feast that could last for days.

equipment similar to a sled made from two long poles.

the landbridge that connects asia and north america that alllowed the nomads and hunters to travel.

a movement from one region to another

idea or thought about something you have.

a person who moves around and does not live in one place.

pueblo homes were made from this mixture of straw and clay.

Kuakiut Indians
They ate Salmon, made clothes out of cedar bark. The ymake Totem Ples and lived in clans and had potlatches.

Southwest Indians
They relied on irrigaion to grow crops because of the lack of rainfall in the region.

The Northwest Indians
they depended on salmon and forest for their way of life.

The Hopi Indians
They used irrigation to grow corn in the dry clamate. They build large houses called peubles. Religion was the center of their customs. They lived as caretakers of the land and they also grew beans and squash.

The Western Indians
Their main source of food and resources was buffolo. These animals were huge and roamed the plains. Herds made hunting buffalo easier.

The Plains Indians
followed herds of buffolo.

Eastern plains american indians
hunted buffolo and farmed for food.

EAstern Woodlands
unted and fished for food. they did not rely on buffolo to survive. They used wampum to trade and to symbolize agreements between the tribes.

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