4th Grade Southeast Region Study Guide

What are the landforms of the Southeast?
keys, barrier islands, beaches, mountains, wetlands, Piedmont, Inner Coastal Plain, Outer Coastal Plain

What are the crops of the Southeast?
tobaco, cotton, sugar cane, peaches, corn, rice

How is the climate of the southern part of the Southeast different than Michigan?
th southern part of the Southeast is hotter and gets more rain than Michigan. Michigan is colder and gets more snow.

Where did the first gold rush take place?
Dahlonega, Georgia

Name three renewable resources.
grass, flowers, fruit, trees

Name three non-renewable resources.
oil, coal, gold, silver

Why did the alligator become endangered?
the alligator was hunted for its hide (skin) and for its meat (food).

How are barrier islands formed?
Barrier islands are formed by oceans, waves, currents, rivers deposited sediment.

Why did people build lighthouses along the coast?
Lighthouses were built to help sailors avoid the coastline.

Name three types of wetlands
swamps, bogs, marshes

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