4 P’s of marketing

What are products?
Goods and services
Which P of the four P’s of marketing focus on how to package the product?
Who is the person that actually uses the product?
Which P of the four P’s of marketing focus on how and where a product will be distributed?
Which of the following are part of the 4 P’s of Marketing or the marketing mix
product place and price
Which one is a sales promotion
samples given away at Sams
which is not a part of the P- place
middle man
Which is a paid form of communication between a business and a consumer
e tailing is a part of what p
getting the customers attention and causing an emotion towards a product is considered a
type of promotion where a product is strategically placed on a TV show or movie
product placement
which is not a part of the p- product
earning profit, gaining market share, and competing with competitors is the goal of what p?
the four p’s are
product, place, price, promotion
what does PR stand for
public relation
which of the four P’s concerns how much a consumer pays for good/services being offered
what does the overall marketing mix create
a unique selling point for a product
a hotel’s manager must make marketing decisions to help it stand out from its competition. To make these decisions, they must determine all but which of the following.
how to persuade customers to patronize the hotel
when discussing marketing, what does “product” refer to
the hotels concept.

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