4.5 Guerilla (Stealth) Marketing

Viral Marketing
Electronic Spread of the promotional messages
Social Media
The tool (e.g Facebook, Twitter)
Social Networking
The interactions on social media
Web Banner
Embedding advertisements on web pages using “pay per click” advertising
Search Engines
Paying for sponsored links on Google or being at the top of the search list
-Advertising on Vehicles
-Buzz Marketing (Word of mouth)
-Dressing up in costumes
-In toilets
-In elevators
Examples of guerilla marketing
* Cheap
* Often leads to viral marketing
* Promotes creativity
* Saves times and money on research
ADV. of guerilla marketing
-Does not always reach its target audience
-Can be quite:
* intrusive
* offensive
* deceptive
* distasteful
-Can give you a bad images if it goes wrong
DISADV. of guerilla marketing

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