4.4 The new south The new south

Question Answer
Sharecropping a system where a poor farmer works a parcel of land that belongs to a large landowner who then takes a share of the poor farmers crops.
Crop-lien system A lien is a creditor’s legal claim on the debtor’s property.
poll taxes taxes imposed on voters in order to vote. Poor blacks would struggle to pay this tax and that would bar them from voting.
literacy tests tests to see if a person could read…if they couldn’t they couldn’t vote. This kept most blacks from being able to vote.
Segregation The plan to keep African Americans and whites separate.
Who is Madame C. J. Walker? Explain how she was able to do what she did. An African American and was the first woman millionaire in America. She took her life savings of $1.50 and started to make hair care products for African Americans.
Name 5 examples of Jim Crow Laws. Laws that kept African Americans from being able to share the same schools, churches, parks, public bathrooms, seating in restaurants,and railroad cars with Whites. (along with many other things)
Provide 3 or more real signs that are representative of the Jim Crow Laws The Plessy v. Ferguson court case, poll taxes, and literacy tests.
Describe the court case Plessy v. Ferguson Mr. Plessy (a black man) tried to ride on a train car that was for whites only. He was taken off the train. He went to court to say that he is equal to whites – but the judge told him he could be equal while he was kept separate.
How did the Jim Crow Laws and the Plessy v. Ferguson case affect African Americans in the South? It reminded African Americans that they were not equal to the white citizens.

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