4.3 reconstruction reconstruction of the south

Question Answer
Civil Rights Act of 1875 the final effort to enforce reconstruction. prohibited businesses that served the public from discrimination against African americans
Panic of 1873 a particularly severe economic depression
Ku Klux Klan a secret terrorist group of angry white southerners who wanted to prevent African Americans from voting
Redeemers supporter of white- controlled governments
Enforcement Acts three laws that empowered the federal government to combat terrorism with military force and to prosecute guilty individuals
Scalawags southern renegades, and betrayers of their race and country
Carpetbaggers northern republicans who moved south after the civil war
Samuel J Tilden democrat president nominee in 1876
Rutherford B Hayes republican president nominee in 1876
Compromise of 1877 a deal that republicans and southern democrats made to defuse the protesting of the democrats
How did Reconstruction affect the lives of African Americans? during reconstruction it improved their lives but didn't help them much in the long run
What groups formed a Republican alliance in the South during Reconstruction? African Americans, scalawags, and carpetbaggers
How did Congress respond to violence against African Americans? they passed legislation designed to stop violence against african American
What historical era came to end in 1877? the reconstruction era

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