4.3 Reconstruction Reconstruction in the South

Question Answer
Carpetbaggers Northern Republicans who moved to the South during Reconstruction.
Scalawags "Scoundrels"; named that former Confederates gave to southern Republicans during Reconstruction.
Enforcement Acts Three acts passed by Congress allowing them to use military forces to stop violence with African Americans
Redeemers Democratic supporters of white-controlled governments in the South during the 1870s
Ku Klux Klan A secret society created by former Confederates in 1866 that used terror and violence to keep African Americans from obtaining their civil rights.
Panic if 1873 U.S. economic depression that distracted the Republicans from Reconstruction efforts.
Civil Rights Act of 1875 Law that prohibited businesses that served the public from discriminating against African Americans.
Samuel J Tilden A Democrat that ran for President
Rutherford B Hayes The 19th President
Compromise of 1877 Democrats agreed to accept Republican Rutherford B. Hayes as President in return for the removal of federal troops from the South.
How did the Reconstruction affect the lives of African Americans? Cause it gave them the hope of equal citizenship
What groups formed a Republican alliance in the South during Reconstruction?
How did Congress respond to violence against African Americans?
What historical era came to end in 1877?

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