A dirty bomb spreads __________ contamination
A school is which type of terrorist target
A water supply system is which type of terrorist target
An agent that takes weeks to evaporate is said to be
Approximately _____ percent of people infected with smallpox will die
Approximately how many anthrax spores are needed to cause an anthrax infection
8000 to 10,000
At a suspected terrorist incident, which one of these agencies should be notified first
State emergency management officials
How can pipe bombs be modified to enhance their injurious effect
Pack them with nails
How does an incident involving large numbers of contaminated victims differ from other mass-casualty incidents
Primary victim decontamination may be moved to healthcare facilities
How infectious is smallpox
Highly infectious
How is exposure affected by distance from a source of radiation
As distance increases, exposure decreases
How is mass decontamination usually performed
Simple removal of clothing and dry decontamination with a readily available absorbent
How many terrorist threat advisory levels are there
How should fire fighters handle a potentially explosive device
Do not handle or approach the device
Liquid nerve agents are most effective when they are
Spiking trees and vandalizing research laboratories are examples of ________ targets
The food supply is an example of a(n) ________ target
The highest potential for infection with biological agents is by the ________ route
The time span between the initial infection and the first onset of symptoms is the __________ period
The use of which terrorist method has increased dramatically in recent years
Suicide bombing
Under which circumstance is it sufficient to rely strictly on odor to determine the presence of a chemical agent
There is no such circumstance
What does the “L” stand for in the acronym SLUDGEM
What is a primary objective in establishing a perimeter around a known or suspected terrorist incident scene
Prevent people not initially involved from becoming victims
What is a typical sign of blister agent exposure
Burning, reddened skin
What is miosis
Constriction of the pupils
What is the first priority following an explosion
Scene safety
What is the largest terrorist event in the history of the United States
The World Trade Center attack in New York City
What is the lead agency for crisis management during a terrorist incident
What is the lead federal agency for consequence management during a terrorist incident
What is the most common method of dispersing chemical agents
Air flow
What is the most commonly used improvised explosive device
Pipe bomb
What is the normal state of a nerve agent
What is the purpose of a secondary device
Kill and injure emergency responders
What is the term for protective measures taken to minimize risk of exposure to communicable disease in the presence of blood or body fluids
Universal precautions
What is the term for terrorism that targets computer systems or the Internet
What percentage of bombings in the United States involves incendiaries
20 to 25 percent
Where is the bacterium that causes plague most commonly found
On rodents
Which acronym is used to remember the symptoms of nerve agent exposure
Which advisory indicates the most severe risk of terrorist threat
Which agent was used in the 1995 terrorist attack on the Tokyo subway system
Which device is used to measure the amount of radiation exposure for an individual
Personal dosimeter
Which drug is part of the DuoDote Kit
Which explosive was used in the 1995 bombing of the Alfred E. Murrah Federal Building
Which is a common symptom of nerve agent exposure
Pinpoint pupils
Which item is characteristic of a biological agent attack
Slow onset of symptoms
When can the presence of chemical, biological, or radiological agents be ruled out
When the area has been cleared by qualified personnel with detection equipment
What is the minimum size of the radio-free area surrounding a potential explosive device
1000 f. (300 m)
Which kind of agent is anthrax
Which of the following agents is the most contagious
Which of the following chemicals is classified as a pulmonary agent
Which of the following is a blister agent
Which of the following is a common reaction to low-level radiation exposure
Nausea and vomiting
Which of the following is a commonly used mixture in improvised explosives
Which of the following is a sign of cyanide gas poisoning
Gasping for air
Which of the following is an element of the definition of terrorism
The event is undertaken to further political or social objectives
Which of the following is an example of a symbolic type of terrorist target
Foreign embassy
Which of the following is classified as a pulmonary agent
Which of the following is one of the FBI’s two classifications for terrorism
Which part of the body does bubonic plague attack
The lymph nodes
Which system is used to issue alerts when a terrorist threat poses a significant danger to the United States
National Terrorism Advisory System
Which type of radiation causes damage primarily through ingestion or inhalation
Which type of radiation is the most harmful to the human body
Which type of team conducts a quick evaluation of an area to identify the number of people involved in an incident
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