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Like an ordinary person, there were several setbacks that I have been faced with. First of all, it is quite frustrating that I am an international student and it is a little thwarting that my mother tongue is the Korean language. Such an unfortunate reality and occurrence temporarily hindered/impeded the goals that I am so determined to attain in my stay in the United States of America. Speaking and writing in English have really been extraordinarily excruciating on my part.

Another difficulty that I went through is “homesickness”. Being away from home has really been exceedingly hard for me. I felt so alone in a world where I am not familiar with anyone, not used to their food, not at ease with their culture, and not very good with their language. There were nights and even days that I just would let my tears roll because of the pain that I am going through. How I Resolved it I did not just sit or mope around with the terrible situation that I was experiencing back then.

What I did was to watch a lot of English movies, I would go to the movie houses at least two times a week to watch American

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English movies just so I would be able to listen only to perfect American English and work from there. Furthermore I would go to bookstores and purchase books written by American writers for me to be able to grasp standard American English. I would read these at home during spare time and patiently write something out of it. For instance, I would necessitate myself to write a summary of the book so as to make sure that I learned something from it.

Moreover, I go to the library and browse through English textbooks to learn more about the most common mistakes in English so that I would no longer be confused about it in the future, I would also check on TOEFL vocabulary once in a while, I would read about American idiomatic expressions as well, I also spend time learning English proverbs and even slang expressions, I also train my ear using the latest technology of recorded CDs which I can follow closely, and most important of all, I read about the English grammar a lot.

In addition to that, I listen very closely to my professor and I do not mind approaching them and asking them whatever it is that I do not understand with their lessons/lectures. I am a very open-minded individual and I have always possessed the positive characteristic, which is, willingness to learn. How the Outcome/Results Affected Me With all the hard work, patience, determination, willingness to learn, etc that I have invested, I definitely got positive results. First of all, my grades increased; in fact I now enjoy a GPA of 3. 7 and I am so proud of that accomplishment no matter how small it is to other people.

Second, I no longer experience difficulty in writing and speaking in English; unlike before wherein I used to run out of words to utter. Last but not least, my “homesickness” has already been lessened because I no longer feel alone – most probably because I am already familiar with the culture and language of the United States and that I already have friends that I could relate with in spite of differences in race and culture. All the aforementioned affected me in an extremely positive manner. I have learned to become a more disciplined individual.

Also, I have instilled countless values in me including: patience, determination, willingness to work hard and learn from it eventually. My Reaction if Something Similar Happened in the Future If in the future, I will experience all the aforementioned difficulties all over again or anything that is closely similar to such then I will still brave myself through it. I will do everything I can to conquer any weakness that I have to be able to address the problem. Again, I will be open-minded enough to ask for all the help that I can get and learn from them. I will still be very optimistic about changing into a better person.

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