Christendom or the Christian World

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Christendom or the Christian World spread to East and West and is very much considered the supernatural religion of today because of its salvific mission. History narrates that the man Jesus was born in Bethlehem during the first census called by the Roman Emperor. Jesus got lost at the age of twelve as told in the Holy Bible only to be found speaking with teachers of the law. His parents summoned the young Christ but told them that he must be about attending to his father’s business.

The hidden life of the Savior was only mentioned in short sentences in the sacred scriptures, saying that he joined his blood family and “was obedient to them. ” Thirty years later Jesus preached the Gospel known today as the New Testament. Most of those in higher position did not believed and fear that His teachings may lead to political upheaval. Pilate the Roman persecutor in Christ’s time, asked where is his kingdom and what is truth? But the gaze that penetrated his soul only answered him “that it is not of this world”. Pilate out of fear just washes his hand.

He spent his remaining three years with his apostles and disciples until his crucifixion on Mount Tabor, Golgotha the place of skulls where convicted criminals are executed. His sentence is written, the King of the Jews. After the resurrection and ascension, he gave his flocks to Peter the first pope of the Eternal City. The account of Jesus preaching is written in four gospels and is passed on from one generation to another. Some believes Christ is a prophet but Christians believed he is the Second Person of the Holy Trinity – the God made man.

The early believers called themselves Early Christians and believed that they have seen God through Jesus. During the Roman Empire great persecutions for believers is accorded even under the pain of death. Some are thrown into the fire alive, fed to the lions, skinned to death, and like their master are crucified too. They have to convene secretly and give the new instructions to its catechumens in secret tunnels or undergrounds.

The first Pope Peter was martyred too in an inverted cross. The location of Saint Peter’s purported grave have been tracked with some care since his martyr’s death in circa 64 AD (Pouliot)” below the main Altar of the 16th century Cathedral in Rome. Testimonies and conversion flowed in abundance that even pagans and unbelievers embraces the new faith. One of them is St. Paul a Roman who is called the apostles of the Gentiles. Many apostolic letters are written in his time. His zeal reaches and instructed the western world. The first 800 years of Christianity is a tedious and long war fare, it cost lives and it opened heaven for the believers.

The Holy City became the tangible structure of the heavenly kingdom being preached in the Gospel. The See of Peter in Rome became the mother church that unified the Early Christian belief and all the faithful. The Byzantine period in the time of Constantine paved the way to unify the faith and called the Church of Christ in Rome as the one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church through the Nicene Creed. That was the period wherein Christian was given the freedom of religion. There are successions of bishops as seen in the history of the church and the succession of Charlemagne to the throne of the emperor Constantine.

Charlemagne was crowned at the altars of St. Peter and Paul and was given the apostolic blessings for being faithful and protecting the Church and its Popes. Early Christians in time of the Apostles are considered outlaws, those who would overthrow Roman Empire since at that time Rome is a super power and for this reason those believers who seek the glory of God which are mistakenly thought to have secret gatherings to overthrow the government has to convene in secret, even the burial of their brethrens are forbidden at that time and for these reason old tombs in Rome is found underground like the Necropolis.

The Christian World was battered by schisms and theological disputes but remained faithful to the teachings of Christ. Despite that it has spread all over the world and is called by a hundred of denominations throughout the world, it is still one body, one blood, and one head. Christendom is not of this world but it is in the hearts of all men.

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