3.08 Manage Media planning and placement to enhance return on marketing investment

primary circulation
the number of people who buy the publication- subscription or newsstand
secondary circulation
The number of people who read a publication but do not actually purchase it (“pass along” readers).
position (preferred)
refers to the position a business has chosen to carry out their marketing and business objectives.
dividing an area into zones or sections reserved for different purposes such as residence and business and manufacturing etc
flat rates
A standard newspaper advertising rate where no discounts are offered for large-quantity or repeated space buys
sliding-scale rates
decreases the costs to a business of using newspaper advertising:
combination rates
A special space rate or discount offered for advertising in two or more periodicals. Combination rates are often offered by publishers who own both morning and evening editions of a newspaper in the same market
delivered circulation
Actually distributed and delivered to target audience
guaranteed circulation
A stated minimum number of copies of a particular issue of a magazine that will be delivered to readers.
bleed pages
Magazine advertisements where the printed area extends to the edge of the page, elimiating any white margin or porder around the ad
enable an advertiser to make a striking presentation by using a third page that folds out and gives the ad an extra-large spread
a screen-oriented interactive program enabling a user to lay out financial data on the screen
Estimated percentage of the universe of TV households turned to a program at once and expressed as a percent
gross rating points
Calculated by multiplying Reach times Frequency
run-of-schedule air time
Broadcast commercial announcements that can be scheduled at the station’s discretion anytime; in some cases, the advertiser can specify or request certain time periods; for ex- ample, ROS 10:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday – Friday.
cost per thousand (CPM)
(Cost of ad x 1000) / # of Reached Target Customer
the media cost of exposing 1000 people to the ad
cost per gross rating point (CPRP)
The figure indicates the dollar cost of advertising exposure to one percentage point of the target group, audience, or population (see Rating point).
movable billboard
An outdoor poster: cast and production information that follows a broadcast program: a six-second radio commercial; a short commercial announcement, usually eight or ten seconds in length, announcing the name of the sponsor, at the start and close of a program.
advertising package
A series of broadcast programs that an advertiser may sponsor.
Visibility can also refer to a company’s presence in the marketplace. Basically, a dominant company would have much greater visibility than a small player.
volume discount
A financial incentive for individuals or businesses that purchase goods in multiple units or in large quantities.
The number of copies of a print advertising medium that are distributed. Paid circulation refers to the number of copies that are purchased by readers.

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