25052016 – Under the radar marketing

Under the radar marketing
– use of unconventional tactics
– low budget
– advertise products surreptitiously
– sometimes audience doesn’t realize they are the target of marketing campaign
– low altitude to avoid detection
– advertise products in a fresh way
– attract attention of customer, who automatically tune out ads
– consumers feel they are making decisions based on information from an impartial source
– appear natural and unobstrusive
– it connect with people on a more direct and emotional level
– pay attractive or influental people to use products in public, place favorable reviews online or just talk about it with their friends

– Example Sony: new cellphone, couple asks people to take pictures, explain camera and highlight its main features

– avoids mental defenses consumer put up when felt they are been sold something
– cheaper than marketing campaigns in more established medium –> radio/television
– popular for start-ups and companies with smaler marketing budgets
Product Placement
– one method is product placement
– place products in popular media outlets, such as TV Programms and movies
– as regular prop of the show, not as an ad
– James Bond: BMW, Jaguar and Aston Martin

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