2016 Compliance/CHSP Assessment: Non-Management

1. When do you use & how do you properly secure a conveyor (belt)?
Anytime you need to get on the belt.
Once a belt has been secured, who can un-secure the belt?
The person who secured, & gets onto the belt, is the same person who removed the securing device.
When can you Lockout equipment?
I can not lockout at type of machinery or equipment. I have not been trained in Lockout procedures. I am an effected employee because I work around equipment that could be potentially locked out for maintenance or servicing by a Lockout Authorized Mechanic or Porter.
Are you Yard Certified? If not what are the three rules you must follow?
1. Use Designated Walk Paths.
2. Use Designated Pedestrian Entrance/Exit Doors.
3. Use Designated Break Areas.
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