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Directions: Complete the nutrient safety synergistic quiz. Use the information from the synergistic quiz to finish the undermentioned responses sing nutrient safety patterns. For each of the undermentioned nutrient safety patterns, portion at least 2 statements from the synergistic quiz. Be certain to set these statements in your ain words and explicate why they are helpful in forestalling nutrient borne unwellness. An illustration would be: When dining from a counter, make certain hot nutrient is hot and cold nutrient is cold. Food that is 40 – 140 grades Fahrenheit has already begun to turn bacteriums and pathogens. Clean ( 16 points ) : 1.

After managing natural meat, domestic fowl, fish, or eggs wash your custodies because you can acquire a foodborne unwellness. 2. Rinse fruits and veggies with running tap H2O before feeding, cutting, and cooking to cut down sum of bacteriums present. Separate ( 16 points ) : 1. Keep many nutrients separate to avoid cross-contamination. It is the transportation of harmful bacteriums from nutrients to other nutrients. Particularly, when managing natural meat, eggs, or domestic fowl. 2. Be certain to rinse your counter and utensils with hot, saponaceous H2O to kill bacteriums. Cook ( 16 points ) : 1. I f you leave cooked nutrient out for 8 hours, throw away the nutrient.

Bacterias can turn quickly and do unwellness when it has the foods it needs. 2. You can a beefburger is cooked when you use a nutrient temperature and the internal portion of the beefburger is 160 F. Chill ( 16 points ) : 1. Freezing nutrient should be kept and 0 F and below because it inactivates microbes- bacteriums, barms, and cast. 2. By refrigerating nutrients at cold temperatures, you keep bacteriums from multiplying. In your ain kitchen, explain 2 nutrient safety patterns you feel your household can better and 2 nutrient safety patterns you feel your household does good. ( 16 points ) 2 nutrient safety patterns are:

Run fruits and veggies under tap H2O before cookery, feeding, and cutting. Refrigerate nutrient when non being used because bacterium signifiers quickly. 2 safety patterns: Wash utensils with warm, saponaceous H2O. Clean your counter with warm, saponaceous H2O to kill bacteriums. In what ways do your school and community pattern or advance nutrient safety to lend to your personal wellness? ( 20 points ) They contribute to this by cut downing pollution and cleaning up the community. By making these small things, it can assist my lungs be full of O and non pollutants and cleaning up the community can salvage my life my protecting fish that I eat.

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