1st 9 weeks science vocabulary for science

Term Definition
Stem holds the plant up and moves water to leaves
Leaf , makes food for the plant
Flower – makes the fruit
Fruit – grows the seed
Root holds the plant in the ground and takes in water and nutrients
Germinate begin to grow
Seedling young plant
Life cycle how a living thing grows and changes
Extinct no longer any left
Fossil the remains of a living thing
Properties what can be observed using the senses
seed coat protects the seed
cotolyden plant food in a seed
radical the baby root in a seed
adaption to change to survive
habitat where a living thing lives
camouflage to blend in
hibernate to sleep in colder weather
producer a living thing that makes its own food
consumer a living thing that eats another
decomposer a living thing that eats dead and decaying things
predator hunts other animals for food
prey is hunted by other animals
migration to move from place to place
carnivore a meat eater
omnivore eats meat and plants
herbivore eats plants

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