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Term Definition
adaptation the ability of an organism to better survive its environment
biotic an environmental factor related to or produced by living organisms
abiotic a nonliving factor or element (light, water, heat, rock, energy, mineral)
exoskeleton an outer skeleton found on arthropods
endoskeleton the internal skeleton of an organism
invertebrate an animal that does not have a backbone
vertebrate animal that has a backbone
lentic relating to or living in still water
lotic relating to or living in actively moving water
angiosperm plant that produces flowers and seeds enclosed in fruit
gymnosperm a seed plant that does not produce flowers
renewable resource a naturally occurring raw material of form of energy that will be replenished through natural ecological cycles or sound management practices (sun, wind, water, trees)
nonrenewable resources substances (e.g., oil, gas, coal, copper, gold) that, once used, cannot be replaced in this geological age
carnivore an animal that eats other animals
herbivore an animal that eats plants and other producers
omnivore an animal that eats both plants and animals
consumer those organisms that obtain energy by feeding on other organisms and their remains
producer an organism that can make its own food
decomposer an organism, often microscopic in size, that obtains nutrients by consuming dead organic matter, thereby making nutrients accessible to other organismsEX: fungi, scavengers, rodents, other animals
pest a label applied to an organism when it is in competition with humans for some resource

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