13 Jobs to Get You Out of the Classroom But Not Out of Education

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A lot of people want to work in the educational field, but either already have fear or have worked a bit in a classroom and do not want to get back. Why? There are many reasons for it. Firstly, former teachers may have faced stress because they are to cope with different people, especially children, and one has to have lots of nerve always to be optimistic as well as enthusiastic for this job.

Secondly, many do not like to deal with the piles of documentation to fill in or tests and copybooks to check. Besides, a person may face pressure from parents because some may be dissatisfied with the way you teach or treat their children. The last but not least is the fact that it is challenging to handle discipline in the classroom. And here again, one should be very calm and cool-headed.

So if you know that working in the classroom is not for you, but you still dream of the job connected to the educational sphere, read further to know what career opportunities you have.

1.Private tutor

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You do not need to disperse your attention to others. You can focus on the achievements of one person and work on his or her weak sides as well as keep improving the strengths.

Moreover, you will receive more money because you can set your own price rate, and it is often a more significant amount in comparison with those teachers in schools receive. You can also work with the age group you prefer to cooperate with. Besides, there will be no documents to fill in, no bosses and no particular requirements to the learning materials. Everything is up to you here.

2. Freelance writer

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You can work from the comfort of your house, choose only the work you like (if you prefer doing researches in biology, you can reject all the other orders on studyhippo.com or other platforms offering the work connected to the educational field for freelancers) and manage your time the way you want. There are plenty of academic paper writing services that offer good money for properly written papers.

3. Educational consultant

This person basically manages all the processes within an educational establishment. He or she controls everything and brings in the changes either to advance a particular course or reform/remove the issue that doesn’t work.

4. Psychologist

Do you want to educate people and make them improve their lives? You can work as a psychologist in a school helping students. Here you have to be a teacher, a guard and a friend altogether. This position may sometimes be even more important than that of an educator in the classroom.

5. Learning materials developer

You have to develop different learning materials starting from students’ and teachers’ books and ending with various tests. Though you shouldn’t be present in a classroom, you have to think of educational processes, teaching techniques and approaches. This job is extremely important, and one should always improve his or her knowledge to update the types of exercises, make up the ways to teach particular materials and find what will entertain and involve students in the learning process.

6. Curriculum writer

Here you have to communicate with all the participants of the educational process to improve or develop the things that work well and eradicate those that cause troubles, all in term of curriculum, of course. Curriculum writers are to create a curriculum and coordinate its implementation. They also should mentor and coach teachers, search for new learning materials and know every update in teaching techniques.

7. Educational policy expert

Everything is quite simple here. You have to review, develop and elaborate on school policies. One should be an expert to make the learning environment more appealing.

8. Mentor

This person still has to work in a classroom to be promoted to the position of a mentor. Such instructors help other either novice or already experienced teachers who need to know everything about the learning process, improve something in their work or who simply face difficulties in a particular situation within a classroom or school staff.

9. Guidance counselor

These people help students in making the decisions connected to their education. The one might not know which class to choose or what college to go to, it is where guidance counselors aid. They also use different techniques like tests to assist teenagers with their career choices.

10. Online instructor

You can teach everything you want online. Either you want to be an English teacher or a fitness or nutrition instructor, all you need is a connection to the Internet. All the tasks can be submitted online, you can cooperate with your students any time suitable, and there are plenty of online tools to make the teaching process easier.

11. Tour guide

Didn’t expect it, did you? But think it through. A tour guide is basically an educator. He or she informs people of different events or gives the descriptions of people, various pieces of art, architecture monuments and so on.

12. Adjustment counselor

This person helps students in adjusting to the new environment. Such people are also therapeutic counselors. They help if a person faces peer pressure, disrupts discipline or has/causes other problems. Adjustment counselors also work with classes where there are children who have any emotional or behavioral disorders.

13. Camp coach

These people work in camps and guide, educate as well as entertain children. It might be stressful but still enjoyable if the atmosphere is friendly and you love children. There are a lot of funny moments to remember and hilarious stories to tell.

All in all, working in education is amusing as you help people to gain or improve knowledge, develop skills and expand worldview. Also, the way you teach or aid students can even open new job opportunities for them or inspire the learners. Remember it is one of the noblest and respectful jobs. So take your time, read the article once again and choose the job you like.

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