1 – Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing (Exam 1)

Inbound Marketing
marketing activities that bring visitors in
Outbound Marketing
marketers have to go out to get prospects’ attention
Inbound Marketing is
implied permission marketing
Permission Marketing
selling goods and services only when the prospect gives consent in advance to receive the marketing information
Why Inbound Marketing?
– changes in consumer behaviors: from passive to active in seeking, disseminating, and creating information
– the emergence of affordable owned, earned and shared media while paid media become less important
– cheaper
– regulation and self-regulation
– having better prospects –> better conversion
Paid Media
– traditional online advertising
– marketer controls
– often non-engaging
– cost
Owned Media
– media created and controlled by marketer
– content primarily marketer-initiated
– can be informative, entertaining
– platforms can be free or low cost
Earned Media
– unpaid media presence
– highly credible
– marketer does not control content
– can persist in media environment
Shared Media
– brand and customer interact and co-create content on social media sites
– high level of engagement
– platforms free or low cost
– marketer does not control content
How To Do Inbound Marketing
1. Content CM
2. Search SEM
3. Share SMM
Which of the following is an inbound marketing tool?
a. email
b. banner
c. facebook status
d. none of the above
c. facebook status
True or False?
permission marketing is inbound marketing
FALSE – inbound marketing is permission marketing, not the other way around
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